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For all the troops who gave their lives for their country
The Army Chronicles
Book 1
CR Delport
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Please note that I use UK English spelling throughout. You will see doubled letters (e.g.
focussed), ou’s (e.g. colour) and „re’ (centre) as well as a few other differences from American
From 1966 to 1994 it was compulsory for white South African males to do military
service. As part of their military service it was required to defend the country against any thread
from both inside and outside of South African borders. This also led to the South African border
war, which spanned from 1966 to 1989. Many young men gave their lives for their country, and
many who returned from border duty were so traumatized, they were unable to talk about what
they experienced. Even to this day it is impossible for most of those who served in the military
and doing border duty, to share with their friends and families as to what they experienced.
These books are my attempt to take the reader on a journey to give an insight of what these
young men went through. From basics, all through their service and then border duty, or in some
cases, the bush war in Angola. Although the characters in this book are fictional, most places and
events that follow are not, and are based on what really happened. There were many different
military units but our story will focus on 1 South African Infantry Battalion, and our characters