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The Argonautica
The Argonautica
Apollonius Rhodius
(fl. 3rd Century B.C.)
Much has been written about the chronology of
Alexandrian literature and the famous Library, founded
by Ptolemy Soter, but the dates of the chief writers are
still matters of conjecture. The birth of Apollonius
Rhodius is placed by scholars at various times between
296 and 260 B.C., while the year of his death is equally
uncertain. In fact, we have very little information on
the subject. There are two “lives” of Apollonius in the
Scholia, both derived from an earlier one which is lost.
From these we learn that he was of Alexandria by
birth,* that he lived in the time of the Ptolemies, and
was a pupil of Callimachus; that while still a youth he
composed and recited in public his “Argonautica”, and
that the poem was condemned, in consequence of
which he retired to Rhodes; that there he revised his
poem, recited it with great applause, and hence called
Originally written in Ancient Greek sometime in the
3rd Century B.C. by the Alexandrian poet Apollonius
Rhodius (“Apollonius the Rhodian”). Translation by
R.C. Seaton, 1912.
*Or of Naucratis, according to Aelian and Athenaeus.