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"Come near," said the Sultan. "Nearer still."
She obeyed. Then he sprang up, and with one blow of his sword he cut her in
Then he went and found the prince.
"Rejoice," he said, "your cruel enemy is dead."
The prince thanked him again and again.
"And now," said the Sultan. "I will go back to my capital, which I am glad to find is
so near yours."
"So near mine!" said the King of the Black Isles.
"Do you know it is a whole year's journey from here? You came here in a few
hours because it was enchanted. But I will accompany you on your journey."
"It will give me much pleasure if you will escort me," said the Sultan, "and as I
have no children, I will make you my heir."
The Sultan and the prince set out together, the Sultan laden with rich presents
from the King of the Black Isles.
The day after he reached his capital the Sultan assembled his court and told
them all that had befallen him, and told them how he intended to adopt the young
king as his heir.
Then he gave each man presents in proportion to his rank.
As for the fisherman, as he was the first cause of the deliverance of the young
prince, the Sultan gave him much money, and made him and his family happy for
the rest of their days.
Story of the Three Calenders