The American Dream Poetry Collection HTML version

The Leaves
Kelly Darrow
Fog getting thicker
Although sky crystal clear
With the devil I bicker
With the spirits and energies I steer
Steer myself sane
Down my dysfunctional highway
From times of pain
Forgetting a bad day
Which, can be hard
Because some days transform to two
Thoughts are tough to discard
Good ones sometimes too few
I curse the one who started these
Her sick mind working mean
All I wanted was together to run through the leaves
Scatter the raked piles, laughing, easy it would seem
Not for her meanness, still hard to believe
That’s all I wanted
The only thing I asked
Sit down and shut up, her voice haunted
Through stinging salt I looked at the piles as we drove passed
Many calendars since gone
There is a new little boy and in goodness he believes
We will scatter piles over every lawn
And when he grows up he will remember the leaves
Text Copyright © 2012 Kelly Darrow