The American Dream Poetry Collection HTML version

By Kelly Darrow
Blue is my favorite color
True is my favorite word
Mankind is my brother
Faith is my sword
Blue is cool
Blue is true
Blue is a swing set
I hear on a playground at school
Sounds of childhood from the playground up the street
Carried on the breeze
Right through my office window
For an instant makes me freeze
For a moment to think back
Back to the blue sky above me
When I was a child swinging
On the playground of David Crockett Elementary
I played in that playground hour after hour
Swinging in those old weather battered swings
Hoping to reach the sky, trying with all of my power
This is my perfect day remembering these things
If I told you that as a little boy I touched
The sky, would you believe me?
Or dismiss me as a boy with a good imagination
Or perhaps play a long by saying
“Holy crap, are you serious? That really happened?”
Copyright © 2011 Kelly Darrow
First published by Common Sense 2: A Journal of Progressive Thought