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Nine Points Of The Law
Well," said Raffles, "what do you make of it?"
I read the advertisement once more before replying. It was in the last column
of the Daily Telegraph, and it ran:
TWO THOUSAND POUNDS REWARD--The above sum may be earned by any
one qualified to undertake delicate mission and prepared to run certain risk.--
Apply by telegram, Security, London.
"I think," said I, "it's the most extraordinary advertisement that ever got into
Raffles smiled.
"Not quite all that, Bunny; still, extraordinary enough, I grant you."
"Look at the figure!"
"It is certainly large."
"And the mission--and the risk!"
"Yes; the combination is frank, to say the least of it. But the really original
point is requiring applications by telegram to a telegraphic address! There's
something in the fellow who thought of that, and something in his game; with
one word he chokes off the million who answer an advertisement every day--
when they can raise the stamp. My answer cost me five bob; but then I
prepaid another."
"You don't mean to say that you've applied?"
"Rather," said Raffles. "I want two thousand pounds as much as any man."
"Put your own name?"
"Well--no, Bunny, I didn't. In point of fact I smell something interesting and
illegal, and you know what a cautious chap I am. I signed myself Glasspool,
care of Hickey, 38, Conduit Street; that's my tailor, and after sending the wire
I went round and told him what to expect. He promised to send the reply
along the moment it came. I shouldn't be surprised if that's it!"
And he was gone before a double-knock on the outer door had done ringing
through the rooms, to return next minute with an open telegram and a face
full of news.