The Alternative HTML version

Richard Dante
* * * *
Where do horror stories come from? THE ALTERNATIVE was inspired by a
nightmare I suffered on taking a sleeping pill. If so, that was the force that started me
writing in the first place. The work started out as a scenario for a motion picture, in
fact, a movie within a movie. A friend at ABC suggested I turn it into a novel first then
submit it to the Network. I did and got a note back -- they felt it was too violent for their
viewers. That was a few years ago and I recently decided to update it and turn it into
an E-book. Without giving away the plot line, the story deals with a future world in
trouble and a grim Alternative to solve the problem-- Enjoy!
* * * *
* * * *
The Sun held its position high above Maryland. It’s somber light tarnished the
white buildings of the city a dirty beige. There was a dusty, gritty feel about the place.
Occasional gusts of warm wind sent dust devils kicking up across dead lawns.
Where grass once grew, large areas were laid bare and the baked earth was
patterned with a network of fine cracks and crevices.
A river divided the city. At one time it ran cool and deep down around Mount
Vernon and on into Chesapeake Bay. Now its water was shallow and still, an
unwholesome shade of green. Rushes and salt grass choked the banks. Weeds
dammed the brackish central channel, where not long ago boats and ships scuttled
in and out of the harbor.There was little sign of life. Only a few dragonflies darted
about, the plated sections of their slim bodies glinted like steel in the amber light.