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Copyright © 2013 by Kayley Ireland
Smashwords Edition
To all the Dreamers of the world.
Take it from someone who has been alive for almost five hundred years, society and its people never really
change. We have all heard the cliché “History repeats itself.” In my many years I have discovered this tired
saying to be true. Technology improves, power changes hands, but yet the same mistakes are made over and
over again. If one were to take a look back into his tory, one would see that, though the object of desire may be
different, wars are often fought for the same reasons: money, power, freedom, and resources. Many events in
history seem to reoccur. It is also amazing that the way we as humans love never really changes either.
However, I am not writing my memoir in an attempt to change society, though I do hope that it is educational to
some degree. I am simply putting into writing what I have seen for those who find it interesting and so I will not
forget. In doing so, I imagine even the most uneducated readers will recognize the historical trends that
humanity seems doomed to repeat. My plight cycles around the matters of the heart, and the mistakes I was
doomed to repeat. O f course, before anyone reading this will take me seriously, I must first explain who I am
and more importantly what I am.
I am nearly five hundred years old. My birthday is April 17 1511. Yes, this means that I spent what can now
only be described as my infancy in the age of Henry VIII. I ha ve revealed myself to few, but tend to get the
same questions each time. So, no, I am not a vampire or lycanthrope. Although, I would most undoubtedly be
classified as an immortal, I do not fit into the pop culture depictions of them. I do not run around c hopping off
other immortals’ heads on a quest to be the only one. To the best of my knowledge, I have yet to ever meet one
like myself. If other immortals do exist, I would imagine I have never crossed paths with them because of our
inability to stay in one place for very long. Although, I do have my suspicions about certain famous people
whose lives were inexplicably cut short.
I did not experience some catastrophic event after which I arose from the dead. Yet, I have died eleven times
according to public record. I believe that I can die if I suffer a fatal blow or terminal illness. I must admit that it
has been some miracle that I have not fell victim to this. Other than my appearance of being somewhere around
twenty-six years of age, I claim no special powers. Subsequently, I do seem to heal quickly and do not get sick
very often. Other than this, my body and brain operate no differently than yours.
I have been a wife and mother many times over. I have taken on many different names, nationalities, and
cultures. My status as an immortal aside, I am still a human. I still enjoy many human things like chocolate,
music, drinking, eating, love and lovemaking. Though old in sprit, I pride myself in being able to evolve with
the trends. I have taken sides in many political battles. I have been both a peacemaker and peace breaker.
Having long life is both a blessing and a curse. I have watched my own children die and suffered much sadness.
Yet I found peace in knowing “that this too shall pass,” especially for me. Once you realize that you will never
age and potentially never die, you begin to take a much more objective view of the world. My core belief in
God has not really changed. My views have evolved to include more possibilities. I have to believe that I still
have some manner of a purpose on this earth. Considering that even the Bible mentions individuals that lived to
be more than nine hundred fifty years old, my condition is not all that unheard of. Without having been there, I
cannot tell you if these individuals became frozen at a certain age, but the text leads me to believe they did not.
So, am I special? I would like to think so.
My name at birth was Sarah Walden. I have many fond memories of my childhood. I was an only child. I
have retain memories of many people from the past; however, I miss my mother the most. I can still hear her
voice offering up words of wisdom that would never fail me.
Chapter One