The After House HTML version

22. Turner's Story
Your name?"
"Marshall Benedict Turner."
"Your residence?"
"West 106th Street, New York City."
"Your occupation?"
"Member of the firm of L. Turner's Sons, shipowners. In the coast trade."
"Do you own the yacht Ella?"
"Do you recognize this chart?"
"Yes. It is the chart of the after house of the Ella."
"Will you show where your room is on the drawing?" ,
"And Mr. Vail's?"
"Next, connecting through a bath-room."
"Where was Mr. Vail's bed on the chart?"
"Here, against the storeroom wall."
"With your knowledge of the ship and its partitions, do you think that a crime
could be committed, a crime of the violent nature of this one, without making a
great deal of noise and being heard in the storeroom?"