The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

Since Ben was the Archaehistorian involved, it would be his responsibility to write an accurate account of
not only the archaehistory extending back several thousand years, but to also show the present day setting and
how everything had evolved to this point. It wasn't a project that was going to be too difficult or time
consuming since he had already written most of the archaehistory of Earth and it was now in his computer at the
University. He would have to add in the history of Ar and the new discoveries—the computer complex, Em
and whatever they could find out about him, and the development of Newusa, but since this would be a general
theme with not too many specifics, it could be done rather quickly. Later, after a lot of research on the findings,
more detailed books could be written.
Ben stopped staring out the window and once again looked around the room. The only thing that interested
him was the painting of a man which hung on the wall in back of Hurd and just over his head—you could
almost line them up. The painting was obviously very old and was framed in a vacuum-sealed case for the sake
of preservation.
"Who's the man in the picture?" asked Ben.
Hurd's eyes lit up, and he spun his chair around until he was looking up at it. "Why that's Teddy Roosevelt,"
he answered.
"Teddy," quipped Ben. "Let's see, . . . the ancient Earthians had a toy they called a teddy bear. I wonder if
there's a connection."
Hurd quickly spun his chair around until he was facing Ben. "Absolutely not," he said with vigor. "This was
a great man, a leader, a president, a warrior. Why he would lead his men into battle charging up hills to kill his
Ben started to chuckle.
"Why are you laughing?"
"Oh, I'm sorry," said Ben as he lied. He was thinking about the absurdity of war and politics. "I was just
thinking of something Myra had said earlier. I assure you it has nothing to do with what you just said." Ben
became serious. "And actually since I'm an archaehistorian studying Earth, I would like to know more about
this man. Perhaps when we have more time you could give me the specifics."
"Why not?" answered Hurd in a seemingly courteous manner. “Since you will be writing the history of
ancient Earth and Ar, you must add in Teddy Roosevelt, otherwise your history will be incomplete.”
“That important, huh?”
“Yes, sir.”
Because of his renown as an archaehistorian and because of the job description that came with it, politicians
were oftentimes trying to influence what he wrote, especially if it had to do with their city or planet. Since Ben
had come to Newusa he quickly found that Hurd was no exception. Ben was told of Hurd's rise to a glorious
leadership over the city of Newusa by several different sources, including Hurd himself. And all the accounts
of Hurd's rise to power and his commitment to the city appeared to be slanted. In fact, none of them ever
reported anything derogatory nor negative in any manner.
With this in mind, and knowing there are always two sides to a story, and sometimes more, Ben went out
amongst the citizenry of Newusa to hear what they had to say. And indeed, they told a different story. Among
others, he especially remembered an older saleswoman who told him of 'the good life' before the discovery of
the Z crystals in the Eastern plains. And then she told him what happened after the discovery. She talked of the
greed and corruption, and how it had infiltrated the city council bringing with it hardships and even unwarranted
deaths to friends and family members.
Before the discovery of the crystal the people of Newusa had democratic control of their city. Every year,
depending on whether it was an odd or even year, one or two of the city council positions would come open for
election or re-election to a three-year term. A councilperson could only be re-elected two times giving him or
her a total of nine years. If there was failure on the part of a councilman to represent the people's needs, then he
or she could be impeached and would never be allowed to run for city council again.
It was a good system, but after the discovery of the Z crystal a great deal of money came under the control of
the city council and the corruption began, especially when Hurd came into power. He slowly started weaseling
his way into the city's money dealings and then one day he seized the opportunity to become the chief planner
of the mining operations. It was rumored that he set up a smuggling operation in which crystals were taken to
another planet and sold on the black market.
With this money he was able to buy the right people, mainly high officers of the city patrollers, the wardens
of the city prison and the crystal pits, and the city's mayor—an office which he eventually abolished. With this