The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

The guard said nothing. Obviously Thorne had been working overtime. He had placed all the men loyal to
him in key positions. It was probable that even the Galaef's personal bodyguards were loyal to Thorne. How
else could he pull it off?
"Do you know what the penalty is for treason? Believe me you don't want to experience it."
"I'm sorry ma'am," said the guard.
Since her threat didn't work, her only recourse was to physically subdue him. If that didn't work, her fate
would be whatever Thorne wanted it to be, and her glean had already told her what that was.
"I'm only trying to keep us both out of trouble," she said. She took two steps toward him. Now she would
have to use her expertise in the martial arts. These guards were trained to be ready for anything, but Myra had
two qualities which worked in her favor—first, her beauty often distracted the adversary, especially if he was a
man, and secondly she had her glean, which told her exactly when and how to strike. And now it would help
her to overcome this guard.
She took another step, which put her within striking distance, but she could glean the time wasn’t right. The
guard suspected something. So she smiled pleasantly and said, “You look like a nice person. I think I’ve seen
you before—maybe in the commissary.”
“I know I’ve seen you before. You’re not a person someone would forget.—And it wasn’t in the
commissary, it was in the observation room.”
“Ah, yes,” said Myra. The memory of it quickly came to her consciousness. “You were with a very
beautiful young lady, and you were observing the planet Haley of the Fifth quadrant.”
“That’s right,” said the man surprised that Myra remembered. “I was with my wife.”
Myra’s right hand shot forward, hitting the guard in the throat.
He threw his hand in the air and fell against the bulkhead. The blow to the adam's apple rendered him
helpless, but she knew it wouldn’t kill him. The force she used was just enough to take him down.
She took another step forward. Her right leg kicked him in the solar plexus, and he doubled over. “I’m sorry
about this,” she said. “But if I don’t leave the Commander, I will become Thorne’s slave. And after a short
time, my glean tells me, he will no longer need me, and then my life will be over.”
While he was gasping for breath she grabbed him by the arm and led him to a chair inside the loading tube
and sat him down. She removed his communicator and phasor. She stepped out and said to the Commander’s
computer, “Shut the loading tube and make ready for space flight.”
“Yes, Myra,” said a calm feminine voice.
As the door slid shut she pushed a button on her remote and opened the door to her destroyer, then she
stepped into the ship and hit another switch. The hatch-door slid into place.
Thorne will never find me now, she thought.
She made her way to the ship’s computer and sat down. She manipulated the appropriate controls. The ship
raised from the platform. She punched in the computer flight plan, left the Commander, slipped into
hyperspace, and was gone.
Ben sat in the chair staring out the window at the city below. What the hell am I doing here? he wondered.
He should have been on that ship which had already disembarked for the Borgus Mountains to pick up Em—the
man from the suspended animation chamber and that woman—what was her name? Vi something or other.
Instead, the Galaef had asked him to come along to this meeting with Thorne and Hurd, which had something to
do with Z crystals, and keeping political relations flowing smoothly. What was he going to do, say 'No' to the
most powerful man in the Universe? And why did the Galaef want him to come along anyway? It occurred to
Ben that the Galaef was starting to view him as a comrade, a friend, someone to hang with and talk trivial
nonsense or sometimes Archaehistory or politics or whatever. Yeah, Ben was sure the Galaef was starting to
like his company and maybe that was good and maybe that was bad. Time would tell.
Besides, this little side trip might not be so terrible, since he was, of course, interested in the political
happenings of the city of Newusa. Today's action is tomorrow's history and with the discovery of Em,
Archaehistorians all over the Galaxy were going to take an interest in planet Ar, especially Newusa and the
complex located beneath the city park.