The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

someone to show you the city," she paused a moment. "My name is Lyil. Ask for my number at the front
"Sounds like fun," Ben muttered in a surprised tone, but she had already turned and was walking briskly
toward the Etron mover. It happened so fast Ben didn’t know what to think. If he understood it right, here was
one of the most beautiful women he had ever met, and she just asked him on a date.
The guard on the right side of the door looked at Ben, raised an eyebrow, and smiled. “I’ve never known
Lyil to show anyone the city,” he said, still smiling.
Ben looked at the guard. “What’s your name?” he asked.
“My name’s Frostadeem, but my friends call me, 'Frosty.'”
“Well, Frostadeem,” said Ben as he turned and watched Lyil walking down the hallway, “I think I might,
indeed, want to see the city.” Ben wondered if it was his fame as a swordsman, which caused her to take an
interest in him.
As Ben entered and stepped onto the plush carpet, a beautiful woman, behind the only desk in the room,
motioned to him. "Professor Hillar?"
"Please have a seat and make yourself comfortable. The Galaef will see you momentarily." She smiled
Ben walked over to a luxurious lounge chair and sat down.
When he was told the Galaef wanted to see him, he assumed it would be some lesser official at the Galactic
Headquarters who would be conducting the interview. How many people actually saw the Galaef in person?
How many stood and spoke before him? Out of more than two million inhabited planets the number was
extremely small, perhaps less than a thousand people would ever meet the Galaef in person.
After waiting three hours and some change in minutes the receptionist motioned Ben toward her desk. "The
Galaef will see you now," she said.
Ben was wondering if anyone understood the word, ‘momentarily.’ That was the longest three hour moment
he had ever experienced. He walked across the room and entered the Galaef's office. He stepped on tiled
marble and then, as he proceeded further into the room, he stepped onto a carpet which felt unusually soft
beneath his feet.
He stopped a second. Damn! He thought. A strange sensation came over him the moment his foot hit the
carpet. It seemed as though thousands of little electric messengers were coursing through his body, stimulating
the cells, the nerves, and awakening his brain to such an awareness that he never thought possible. The colors
throughout the room took on a new meaning. They were more vibrant. The air came alive with heightened
scents. Breathing became a joy. His mind became sharper, and his ability to concentrate became more focused.
"L" Carpet, he thought. Another Galactic rumor come true.
Only the very rich had “L” Carpet. Only the very rich could afford to buy this type of floor covering.
As he became accustomed to the new sensation coursing through his body he noticed the room in which he
was standing was huge and, of course, exquisitely designed. There were several split-level sections located in
appropriate areas with different types of equipment in each section—mostly computer terminals, screens and
viewers. The wall to his right was solid, but designed for visual elegance with hues of gold and brown, and the
wall to his left was a spectacular three dimensional window which overlooked the Inner and Outer city
hundreds of stories below. Near the back wall of the room were four transport tubes for emergency exits. At a
quick glance Ben could see seven people in various locations. There were two uniformed guards standing
against the back wall next to the transport tubes, a woman near the right hand wall, another guard to the right
and closer to Ben, two men to the left. And in the middle of the room, standing on a platform, which rose from
a sunken area, was a tall, distinguished-looking man.
Ben recognized him as the Galaef. He was easily six feet four inches tall. His hair was white, but that of
birth rather than that of age. He looked young for a politician, perhaps only in his early forties. His eyes were
steel gray. His nose was long and straight, and was set above a mouth which was full but handsome. His dark
skin made a stunning contrast to his white hair, and strength and authority radiated from his being. No doubt