The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

nevertheless, it occurred to her that she couldn’t wait. It would give the men on the ridge time to fly their crafts
into the gorge. She had to take a chance.
She stepped out from behind the boulder. When the man rose up to take a shot, she would jump to one side
and take her own shot.
The spotlight lit her up. “Lay down your weapon,” yelled the man on the ridge.
She looked up in time to see him pointing a phasor rifle with a scope at her. She looked down and saw the
little red laser dot in the middle of her chest. “Shoot, you fool,” she yelled. She wasn’t going to let them take
her unless she was in stun.
The man behind the rock stood up with his phasor trained on her. “It’s no use,” he said in a heavy masculine
She whirled around bringing her phasor to bear on the man when suddenly she heard a scream from the
ridge. She looked up in time to see the giant fangs of a toral ripping into the throat of the man with the phasor
rifle. His scream changed into a bloody gurgle. The other three patrollers turned away from the gorge and
started firing their phasors, lighting up the sky in a red hue. They killed the toral that had just attacked their
fellow patroller, but more toral were coming. They turned their backs to the gorge and started firing. Suddenly
two of the men were grabbed in the jaws of the toral and shaken fiercely like rag dolls being attacked by an
angry cat. The other man fell over the ledge, hitting the steep incline and sliding forty feet before he came to a
stop. Viella couldn’t tell if he was dead.
“That leaves just me and you,” she said to the man twenty feet away. But she spoke too soon. Much to her
chagrin the toral came bounding over the ledge and down the steep incline, which gave them blinding speed.
Without hesitation Viella and the patroller turned and started firing. Two of the toral went down after four or
five shots, but the other two kept coming.
Viella stood her ground, but the patroller, overcome by fear, turned and ran for his patrol craft. “You fool,”
yelled Viella. “Stand and shoot!” She knew he couldn’t outrun the toral, and he didn’t. The toral closest to
him bounded down the incline and chased him down like a cat chasing a three-legged mouse. He struck the
man with his huge paw sending him ten feet in the air and then snatched him with the fangs of his jaws before
he hit the ground. In a half conscious stupor the man managed a final farewell. “Oh God,” he said as he
reached toward Viella with his outstretched hand. “Help me.” And then he died when the toral grabbed him
around the throat with his powerful jaws and crunched into flesh and bone.
Viella didn’t take time to watch any more of the bloody execution. She turned and fired at the toral bearing
down on her. The blue bolt hit the beast in the head and down he went.
“One more,” she said talking to the stranger lying in the sand. But again she spoke too soon as five more
toral came bounding over the ridge.
o o o o o
“Eolia Masteet, where are you?”
“I am here.”
“No. This is only a projection of you. Where is your physical body?”
“I do not know. I only know that I am here.”
“Eolia, what has happened to you?”
“I do not know.”
“Eolia, it is urgent that you come home. We are being . . . .”
The man by the stream faded away, and the storm began to rage bringing with it hurricane winds, with
lightening striking the sea, and thunder breaking upon the waves. Watching Nature’s symphony, Em stood
upon the edge of the cliff overlooking the ocean using his arms as batons directing the winds to release their
destruction upon the Earth, upon the cities, upon the people. He killed them en masse. Millions died.
Red permeated the sky. The red became more brilliant, more intense. The red . . . .
o o o o o
Viella was too busy to notice when the stranger’s eyes opened and the glassy sheen was once again present.
She would not have understood it for she saw this man go down in stun, and it was impossible for anyone to rise
from stun after only a few minutes.