The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

"Good." The woman with the red hair became serious again. "Now, Professor Hillar, if you will take your
robe off and step into the chamber, we will complete the examination."
Ben stood up and walked to the chamber. He slowly scrutinized the small room paying particular attention
to the floor, and then he took the robe off and hung it on the hook. He stepped inside. As the transparent door
slid shut, he turned until he could see the two women programming the computer. They were giving it
instructions to search every cell and every space in his body. It wasn't long until he felt a tingling sensation
pulsing through his skin. It felt like a million little fingers softly touching, feeling, massaging his skin and
muscles. Every space, every square inch of tissue was lightly probed. His body began to feel warm all over as
the machine sent high energy particle waves through his flesh looking for anything which could be harmful to
the Galaef.
The sensation stopped and the door slid open.
"Please step out, Professor Hillar." The redhead turned and walked back to the control panel. She
manipulated a lever, and a black body suit tumbled out of a small opening.
She handed it to Ben. "Put this on," she said.
He took it from her and started dressing. When he was finished, he turned and faced the two women, waiting
for further instructions.
They seemed to eye him with a little more interest than they had previously shown, and there was a slightly
detectable smile on the redhead's pretty face. Perhaps she was amused by his casual personality, but then the
smile quickly left her beautiful face. It appeared that as he moved toward her, his strong build and taut muscles
changed her inward mirth to admiration. Ben was barely six feet tall, but his build was well defined and his
stomach was flat. He was a trained athlete, physically fit and capable of performing all types of activities. He
had dark brown, almost black, hair which curled around his small ears, and his nose was straight, perhaps a bit
too long, and it had a little hook at the end, like that of a hawk. His eyes were brown and piercing; and although
his personality wasn't dignified, a deep strength could be detected.
"You have successfully passed the examination," said the blond. "You're now ready to proceed to the
Galaef's antechamber. Please follow . . . ."
The red-haired woman interrupted the blond. “I’ll take him,” she said.
The blond gave her a funny look. “Okay,” she answered slowly.
The red haired woman led Ben out of the examination room and down the corridor to an Etron mover.
As soon as they stepped inside, the redhead said, “mover—take us to the top floor.” It started upward,
slowly at first, but with a gradual increase in acceleration until it finally reached its top speed.
Ben watched the lights as they quickly flashed on and off in turn, indicating the level of the floors passing
by. Again his eyes moved to the red hair, and lingered upon the long flowing waves falling down her back.
Finally, as he began to admire her shapely physique she turned her head, and her eyes met his.
He smiled in a tactful manner. "You're very beautiful," he said matter of factly. His eyes were pleasantly
locked into hers. "In fact," he continued, "every woman I've seen since entering the Galactic Headquarters has
been no less than beautiful, and every man no less than handsome." He continued his stare. "It seems the
rumors I've heard all these years are more than fiction. The Galaef has computer chosen all of the personnel not
only for their intelligence and loyalty, but also for their beauty," he said, "Ha. And why not? I'd do the same
thing if I had the populations of two million planets to choose from."
A sincere smile crossed her lips. "Thank you," she said.
His eyes finally broke the grip, and he looked back at the flashing lights.
"I'm surprised," she said.
Her formal attitude melted away 'like ice on a red hot stove.' "Surprised?" he asked.
"That you would say something like that." A pleased look crossed her lips.
The Etron mover came slowly to a stop, and they stepped out.
They walked toward the large transparent, sliding double-doors facing them at the end of the hall. There
were two rugged-looking guards on either side of the doors wearing bright, blue and gold uniforms. Ben noted
that these colors were different than the uniforms worn by the guards in the lobby. These guards were the
Galaef’s elite security personnel. They followed him wherever he went. And they were trained to lay down
their lives for him, to take a phasor bolt in the chest if they had to. Ben slightly shook his head—he hated
politics, and yet, he understood the need.
"Listen," said the woman as they came to a stop near the guards. She put the tips of her fingers on Ben's arm
to keep him from entering the room as the doors slid open. "I get off work at five o'clock. So, if you would like