The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

she had ever met. Underneath that gruff looking exterior, he appeared to be very respectful.
Everette picked up one of the bags and handed it to Viella. "These hand phasors aren't so heavy without the
power packs," he said.
With her gloved hands she took the bag from him. “That’s fine," she said. She bent over and picked up
another bag and slung them over her shoulders. "I'm going to take these back to the concealment. When I’m
finished I’ll be back for more." She started down the ladder shifting the weight of the bags on her shoulder for
better balance.
She stepped onto the tunnel floor and had gone about twenty paces when she heard someone coming down
the ladder. She turned and shined her light. There was Samsung half way down with the last two bags of hand
phasors. She turned back and continued toward the hideout.
Just then she heard Everette’s voice, and turned again with her light. She watched as Sam came quickly
down the ladder. He stood on the floor of the tunnel and waited as Everette, using a rope, lowered the first box
of shoulder phasors.
Samsung turned and asked Sam, “Do you want me to hold the light for you?”
“No. You go ahead,” said Sam.
Everette called out, "Here they come.” His voice was so base it sounded like a loud growl.
"I'm ready. Send 'em down."
Viella picked up her pace and hurried down the dark tunnel waving her light back and forth as she went. She
wanted to get back and help them, so they could finish before it got too late. As she rounded the first bend she
could hear Everette and Sam working on the second box. She hadn't walked more than a few feet when a noise,
somewhere in the tunnel, brought her to a sudden standstill. She whirled around instantly and peered into the
dark. It sounded like soft, shuffling footsteps coming from the tracks.
She shone her light up the tracks toward Sam and Everette.
Just then, there were more sounds, and then someone, between her and Samsung, jumped up from the tracks
and onto the walkway. She started to shine her light in that direction when a blue phasor bolt lit up the tunnel.
She watched as it hit Samsung full in the chest catapulting him backward against the tunnel wall. Before the
blue light faded into the shadows she could see him crumpling toward the floor in a state of stun.
She turned and started to run down the hall, but before she could take three steps, a hand shot out of the
darkness and grabbed her arm pulling her into the chest of a large man.
Instantly she started to scream—a loud piercing scream, which caused pain in her ears. The sound
reverberated off the walls and came back like a board being slammed against her head.
A big, rough hand clamped down on her mouth, squeezing harder than necessary to muffle the scream. She
could taste blood in her mouth oozing from a cut on her lower lip. The man grabbed her around the chest
pinning her arms and causing the leather bags and her handbeam to fall to the floor.
In the faint light she could make out the uniform of the man. Oh crap, she thought. One of Hurd’s city
patrollers. She suddenly felt like the tunnel was closing in on her, crushing the breath out of her lungs and
making her dizzy. She shook her head and struggled to get free. She tried to shake loose so she could scream,
but the man was too strong.
He clamped down harder and whispered in her ear. "Shut up, bitch, and stop wiggling or I'll knock you out."
Viella forced herself to a state of calmness. She knew that a struggle against this man, who was twice her
size and three times as strong, was futile. She stopped resisting and relaxed herself in his grasp.
She had to escape. But to do so, she had to get him off guard. She knew that the only way to get free was to
accomplish the unexpected—and it had to involve pain—the more the better.
The man felt her go limp in his arms, and he relaxed a little, giving-in to a subconscious reflex.
"That's better," he said. "Now put your hands behind your back."
Like hell, she thought. If he cuffed her hands together, that meant capture. She would be taken before the
city’s number one councilor. There would be a quick trial—bogus, and then she would be sent to the prison
pits—the crystal mines in the Borgus plains of Ar—a certain death penalty.
But it wasn't her intention to go quietly and without a fight. She overcame the urge to panic. She mustered
all her strength, and then as she started to put her hands behind her back she slowly raised her right knee, and
then slammed the heel of her boot down on top of the man's arch. There was a crunching-snapping sound, and
she could feel the bones give beneath her boot. The man quickly let go, and started hopping around in pain.
“You want a piece of me!” she said, using a line from an old movie.
Viella picked up the fallen handbeam and stepped away. She breathed a little easier. She began to think