The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

her) and the Galaef. No matter what they found, now, there was enough, without a doubt, to keep the
archaeologists and archaehistorians busy for years.
At that moment a red light began flashing over the distant doorway. A sign suddenly appeared on a large
readout screen in bright red letters—an awkward contrast in the blue room.
Ben knew what it said without reading it. "Sixty seconds to the end of hyperspace," he muttered to himself.
He had seen the sign many times in the past.
Mentally he began preparing himself for the feeling of nausea, which accompanied moving into or out of
hyperspace. It wasn't a pleasant feeling, but at least he wasn't among the many who had to take tranquilizers to
keep from going into convulsions.
The sign flashed again, "fifty seconds to the end of hyperspace."
Most psychiatrists agreed that part of it was a subconscious fear that caused the convulsions. The other part
was the momentary effect of weight loss on the fluid in the inner ear. The equilibrium didn't know which way
was up or down.
"Forty seconds to the end of hyperspace."
But the subconscious fear had to do with the number of ships which collided with another ship or with an
object in the path of the ship coming out of hyperspace. If another ship were in the outspace at the position that
they were coming out of hyperspace, if the pilot's sensitivity acuteness were dulled for some reason, if he was
not quick enough on the hyperspace switch, then the fatal explosion would occur killing everybody on board
both ships, no exceptions.
"Thirty seconds to the end of hyperspace."
It was for this reason that young adults from around the empire were carefully computer chosen to become
pilots. There is a certain quality of sensitivity needed to be a good pilot.
"Twenty seconds to the end of hyperspace."
If a pilot, using sound systems and direality screens, could detect that other ship, or any object in space, then
he would be able to switch back into hyperspace without a mishap.
"Ten seconds to the end of hyperspace."
Ben slipped a little white disnausia pill out of a pocket in his body suit. He put it in his mouth and took a big
slug of his drink.
The ship left hyperspace.
The feeling was upon him, like falling through space, spinning, reeling, turning. His stomach was floating.
He wanted to gag, but couldn't.
A moment later it was over.
For passengers like Ben the feeling of nausea lasted only a few moments, but for the chronics it could last up
to several hours.
He shifted his body in the chair finding a more comfortable position. He closed his eyes and let the music
seep through the little bit of remaining nausea.
He wondered what Lyil was doing. She was probably at her desk working, getting ready for more Thorne
interviews, which had become an inordinate amount lately. There were so many people from various planets
coming to see Thorne, it was as if he were having a convention of Thorne supporters. Both Mandril and Lyil
had expressed their concern, not only did it increase their workload considerably; it made them think that
Thorne was up to something. Keeping it a mystery he never told anyone why all these people were showing up.
And then there was the house in the Outer City occupied by people pretending to be Tarmorians, which had
been linked to Thorne.
If it weren’t for all the failsafe systems guarding the Galaef to keep him from being dethroned, Ben would
have believed that Thorne was going to attempt to take over the Galactic Federation. But that was unthinkable.
Over the last one hundred thousand years voice recognition had been perfected, making it impossible for
someone to duplicate another person’s voice, not even with a recording device. Among other failsafe systems,
if someone were to take over as the ruler they would have to convince the computer that they were the Galaef
and then . . . No, that wouldn’t work either. It was simply impossible.
Ben started thinking about Lyil again. When this expedition was finished, . . .
"Professor Hillar?"
Ben opened his eyes and looked up. He saw a beautiful brunette standing over him. She had the largest
breasts on a slim, hard body that he had ever seen. He also noted the lieutenant's stripes on her sleeve.
"Yes?" he asked.