The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

When the buzzer stopped Ben jumped back, quickly faked a parry of Zirnen's first thrust, stepped to the
right, and scored another point with a thrust of his own to Zirnen's left biceps.
Zirnen jumped back a little dismayed. A look of chagrin crossed his face as he realized he now had a three-
point deficit. The points lit up on the scoreboard.
When they started again Ben held his sword in his right hand and put his left hand on his hip. This was a
stance Ben employed because it would give him better balance, and when he took his hand off his hip
oftentimes it would confuse his opponent because he didn't know if he was taking it off his hip to use it, if he
was faking, or if he was moving into a different pose of balance.
Ben brought his left hand off his hip, switched sword hands and made a thrust. Then the unexpected
happened. Zirnen successfully defended the thrust, fell to the floor, and rolled, but this time he went the other
direction. With the sword in his left hand he stepped to his right, switched his sword to the right hand, and did
an acrobatic roll in front of Ben, rolling to the left. With the sword in his right hand he thrust from out to in and
from down to up, aiming for Ben’s ribcage just under the right armpit.
It startled Ben. Why would Zirnen take this chance when it was still possible for him to win? Later he told
Ben that he had become frustrated, and felt this was his only chance.
But Ben was ready. He stepped back, parried the thrust with a counter thrust and ended the match. The ball
of his point struck the chest of Zirnen Lying on his back.
Ben yelled out, “Take that you dastardly trickster!” He grinned down at Zirnen. A wave of exhilaration
swept over Ben. Part of it was the clamorous applauding by the enthusiastic Tarmorian spectators, and the other
part was beating Zirnen in a championship match.
When the kill buzzer sang out, it was the culmination of winning the match and the championship, and
successfully defending against the trick, that made Ben perform a victory whip with his sword—something he
had never previously done.
The ceiling was designed in small white ripples extending from one end of the room to the other with well
concealed vitalites, illuminating and casting soft shadows from the surfaces below. The walls, which were a
light blue in color matching the varying shades of blue throughout the room, seemed to move in various patterns
as the vitalites reflected shimmering rays from their shiny surfaces. The walls of the room were concave in
structure giving the room a quality of vastness as if a person was looking into the distance. Located in random
positions throughout the room were form-fitting chairs designed for easy lounging. Their color was a lighter
shade of blue than that of the walls. Next to the chairs, or perhaps an extension of them, were keyboards fixed
for easy manipulation. They were simple in comparison to the high level keyboards of complex function and
technical computers. Their only purpose was that of ordering various pleasures including a large range of
viewing and reading media, food or drink, or music for listening. The floor was covered by deep blue El carpet
creating a thick. spongy foundation, which made walking a source of relaxation. Indeed, the room had been
designed for the VIP, with comfort as the primary objective.
Ben sat in one of the chairs sipping a drink and listening to ancient classical music of the three hundred and
thirty second Federation century. In his mind he was going over the events which had led up to his present
situation. If he had been granted the two thousand tal, it would have taken him months to locate the computer
complex. As it was it had take the Galaef, with his large resource of manpower, only thirteen days.
Ben took another sip of his drink.
The complex had been located fifty feet beneath the planet surface. It rested like a babe in its womb. A
large city, Newusa had, long since, been built over the top.
"There will be no complications," assured the Galaef, "in sinking the shafts."
Ben considered for a moment, then said, "If they have to go fifty feet, it'll probably take some time."
"It might for a normal construction crew," said the Galaef, "but with my crew and our technology it won't
take more than three days." He paused. "And then we're in." It appeared the Galaef was excited about the find.
"Well then," said Ben, "this should yield artifacts which will tell us more about ancient Earth." He smiled at
the idea that many of his colleagues would have to eat their words. His theory had brought about a discovery
which no one believed existed, that is, with the exception of Mus, his 'partner in artifaction,' (as he liked to call