The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

Ben wasn’t persuaded, he said, “For a long time now I’ve realized that there can be circumstances which
necessitate side-stepping the law, especially when it might saves lives in the future. I believe you should use
your influence to have a private investigator hire a cat burglar to sneak in and find out what the hell is going on.
“Something has to be amiss, and you know it.”
Even though Ros sat quietly pondering Ben's last statement, Ben was sure he hadn’t convinced him to break
the law.
Tam changed the subject by asking a question about swording, and the remainder of the dinner, although
short, was talking about more pleasant subjects. Finally, as they stood up from the table Ros said to Ben, "I'll
keep in mind what you've said, that is, about sneaking into the house." Then he said to Lyil, "You can contact
me at my office during the day if you find out anything or if you need my help. My address is on the C-net."
The computer planet had no moons, but the stars were quite numerous, and in all their glory they were
sending forth their twinkling light to give the trees and the plants in the park a look of reflective silvery
sparkles. In the distance they could see the lights around the palace lighting the surrounding area. Some of the
offices in the palace were lit up indicating G-staff working late. To the right, about two hundred meters, were
the officer’s barracks, which were more like luxury apartments. They were lit up by the outside lights.
Ben and Lyil were walking on a black, artificial walkway taking the long route back to her living quarters.
The pathway was well lit with lamps about every fifty feet.
Ben was not in a good mood. He knew he should have been—he was dating one of the most beautiful
women in the galaxy, and the odds were he was about to win the prestigious Tarmorian tournament, but he
couldn’t get the idea of the Himmian House out of his mind. He was getting too close to the politics of the
Federation, and it was starting to rankle his ire. Why was he even here? All he wanted to do was his research.
“It seems to me,” said Ben, “that you might have a serious problem on your hands. And I’m speaking of the
Himmian House. If it was merely a family pretending to be Tarmorians, then it would appear to be nothing, but
the fact that Federation personnel are involved makes me think you better do your investigation quick, and
maybe not so low level.”
“It’s possible that there isn’t any Federation involvement,” said Lyil. “It could be and probably is an
erroneous conclusion.”
Ben started to ask, ‘Can you take that chance?’ but Lyil said first, “Nevertheless, I’m going to put two non-
coms on the case, and if they don’t reveal anything in the next four weeks, then I’m going to report it to my
commander and let him deal with it.”
“Four weeks?”
“Yes. Since they’ve been there for five years I don’t think another four weeks will turn out to be a problem.
And I promised Dr. –ejjon I would look into it first.”
“If he’s that paranoid, I still believe he should hire a cat burglar to sneak in and look around?”
Lyil whisked her pretty red hair off her shoulders. “It seems they have a stricter code of ethics than you.”
She was quick to add, “I’m not saying that is the best course of action. In this case it might be better to sidestep
the law. They would get some answers, and no one would care, except maybe the people living in the house.”
Just in case Ben was going to suggest that she do it, she continued, “Since I’m in the military, I can’t even
consider ordering someone break in. If I were party to such a thing and my superiors found out, I would be
court martialed and maybe end up in prison, at the very least, they would drum me out the G-staff and send me
home in disgrace.”
“I wouldn’t suggest that you do it,” said Ben. “However, I’m not you, and by that I mean, if I were in your
position I would make it happen without anyone knowing I was involved. Find a thief. Use a communicator
with a voice distorter. Deposit money in a bank under his name and tell him when the job was done the amount
would be doubled.”
Lyil started to object, but just then someone stepped out from behind one of the bushes and startled her.
She jumped back and grabbed Ben’s arm in a tight grip. “Damn!” she yelled. “What are you doing here!?”
“I’m sorry,” said the man. “I saw you walking along, and I thought I would say ‘hello.’”
Lyil let go of Ben’s arm. “This is Hast,” she said in a disgruntled voice. “And this is Dr. Benjamin Hillar.”