The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

Tarmorians, who dwelled in the house, and three new ones used a fork lift and unloaded four, large boxes and
took them inside.
"I was curious about the event so I hired a private investigator to follow the pretenders wherever they went
and to report back to me.
"Over a period of two years, with his help and the help of some of my friends, we were able to establish an
intricate connection between the pretenders and personnel inside the Galactic Federation Headquarters."
Lyil let out a slight gasp. "This has to be reported at once," she exclaimed.
"No!" retorted Ros. And then more calmly, "There are several reasons why we have decided to keep it
amongst ourselves. First, we don't know what they're doing. It might be something completely harmless or
maybe not. Thus far, nothing untoward has happened. Secondly, we don't know who is involved or how many.
And thirdly, if they are up to something sinister, and they find out that we know, some of us might start
disappearing." He looked at Lyil the way a confidant might look at his partner in crime. "Now you wouldn't
want that on your conscience, would you?"
"Of course not," responded Lyil, "But if you're so afraid of terrible consequences, then why are you telling
Ros didn't hesitate. "When I found out Dr. Hillar was coming to town and the purpose of his visit, I mulled it
over and decided to confide in him because he is an outsider with no connection to the politics of the planet, and
because he will be spending time inside the political structure of the Federation.
"By telling you this now, you can be wary of any suspicious actions and perhaps give us a clue," he looked at
"Okay, so why me?" asked Lyil.
Ros met her eyes with his. "Because you're here, because you're G-staff and because you're with Dr. Hillar
I've decided to take a chance on you because this may be the last chance I get to talk to him."
"That's a lot of 'becauses,' said Lyil with a serious tone in her voice, “and I would like to be able to conform
to your wishes, but the fact is, I AM G-Staff, and that means it’s my duty to act on any information which may
be a threat to the Galaef or to the Galactic Empire.” Dr. –ejjon started to say something, but Lyil held up her
hand, and with a sour look on her pretty face she said, “Since I can sympathize with your position, I will keep it
low key by starting a low level investigation. In the beginning there will be no need to make this information
public nor to bring attention to the fake Tarmorians. If, however, I find anything to be of a serious nature,
which might be any kind of a threat to the Galaef or the Galactic Empire, then I will not hold back, indeed, I
will call out the troops and take serious action.”
Ben noticed Lyil tapping her fingers on the butt of her phasor as if her subconscious was getting ready for
“Well?” she asked, staring Dr. –ejjon in the face.
Doctor –ejjon appeared to be a bit nervous, which surprised Ben considering that most Tarmorians were
tougher then hell. Dr. –ejjon said, “I’m sorry I brought it up, but since I did, and since you’re not going to go
public with the information, then I say, it is a compromise I can live with.
“Good,” said Lyil. She turned to Ben. "What do you think about all this? Do you have any inclinations to
be a part of the investigation?”
Ben frowned while looking at Dr. -ejjon. He didn’t like it, and he didn’t want anything to do with it. "For
the moment my interests are solely in my research," he growled. "And I don't see any reason to get caught up in
any political stratagem.”
"It was just an idea," said Ros. "We don’t like people living amongst us pretending to be what they are not.
We just thought you could keep an eye out."
"I see no reason for my involvement,” repeated Ben. “Besides from what you've told me it seems you'll be
finding the answer to this in the house with the fake Tarmorians. From what I've read," said Ben leaning back
in his chair still scowling, "the Tarmorians, among other skills, are very good at stealth and sneakiness. They
say you people make the best cat burglars in the Galaxy."
"What?" Ros looked confused.
"I’m just thinking you should have someone sneak into the Himmian House and find out what the fake
Tarmorians are doing?"
The three Tarmorians sat looking at each other in silence. Finally Ros said, "Some of our people may be
good at burglary, but most are not of the criminal mind, and we’re not going to break the law by sneaking into
private property. There are proper channels to follow; including a reason to search, then obtaining a warrant."