The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

"Yes sir?"
"Your best wine - all around."
"Yes sir." The waiter hurried away.
"So tell me Dr. -ejjon, how is it you get away with such slanderous political satire?" But before Dr. -ejjon
could answer, Ben continued with, "In the last issue I remember Em was talking to Nebbie and said something
like, 'We must act quickly, Nebbie.'" Ben was mimicking the voice of a hero. "'The Galaef has gotten us into a
terrible mess, and if we don't do something quickly, the Galaxy will be doomed!'"
"Please," said Dr. -ejjon, "call me Ros." And then while looking at Ben he nodded toward Lyil. "And if you
want to know why the Galaef hasn't shut me down, Ms. Zornburst would know better than me."
"Let's all go on a first name basis," said Lyil smiling pleasantly. "And as far as your comic book goes, my
source at the top says the Galaef has decided to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear because he sees no danger in
your books."
The waiter came with several bottles of wine and started pouring. After getting their dinner orders he hurried
While the waiter had been pouring, Ros said, "And it's lucky for me the Galaef sees no harm in my comic
books. My bank account is nothing but several figures and a long line of zeros. And I love it."
Ben couldn't tell if Tam giggled and Rand laughed because of envy or jealousy.
"We read every new issue," said Tam. "Don't we honey?"
"Yes we do, and it's obvious that Ben does too. But maybe not with as much enthusiasm."
"Since my research deals in the myth of the Aeolian Master, I feel a need to keep abreast of what others are
saying and thinking about him, even if it's in a comic book."
Under the table where no one could see, Lyil put her hand on Ben's leg. "Isn't it nice that you get to go on a
dig looking for Em?" she asked.
"I think so," said Ros. "As long as we keep it in the news my comic books are going to sell like hotcakes."
Ben put his hand on Lyil's under the table and raised an eyebrow toward Ros. "Where did you learn that
little piece of phraseology?"
"What? . . .'sell like hotcakes?'" Ros looked serious. "I make monthly trips to the library and pay good sums
of money for long range communications just so I can keep up on everything you translate from the Earth digs.
One of the reasons I started the Em comics is because I have always had a fascination with the Aeolian Master
myth. And I, like you, have always thought there was more to it than just an ancient Earth fairytale." He
paused and then said, "Have you ever thought that it might partially be because of my comic book that the
Galaef took an interest in your research?"
Ben nodded slightly. "It crossed my mind."
This wasn't enough for Ros. "You remember in the last issue when Em says to Nebbie, 'And the Galaef used
to think I was just a myth. So much for that. Now, here I am to save the Universe?'"
"I remember that," said Tam.
But Ros was still looking at Ben. "I've been making these subtle comments in my comic books for years,
and it’s these phrases that get into people's subconscious minds. It's possible that this is one of the reasons
people are hoping your research will be successful—even though we know you will never find an actual man.
And that's why my comic books are selling through the roof."
"Like I said, 'It crossed my mind.'"
Two waiters came in with trays of food and started setting plates before Ben and his guests. When they
finished, as was customary for waiters waiting on dignitaries, they stepped to the corners of the room to await
further requests.
An awkward silence started to fall over the group, but Tam, being an outgoing Tarmorian, who had just
finished her third glass of wine, would have none of that. She bit into a most scrumptious bite of fish brought in
fresh from the Gorian Sea and said to Ros, "Lyil is G-staff."
"Which is quite obvious," replied Ros who was a typical Tarmorian - oftentimes lacking politeness.
"Of course. She has a phasor strapped to her hip, and since only G-staff are allowed to wear phasors on
Galactus, I knew instantly she was G-staff."
Tam giggled in her deep Tarmorian voice, which made it sound more like the intermittent hiccups of a
Chaision lion. "That may be true, but did you know that she is the personal interviewer for Thorne?"
Since coming to Galactus and intermingling with the Tarmorians Ben came to realize that the Tarmorians, at