The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

The balled point of Len’s sword was quickly piercing the air on its way to Ben’s chest, which, if it found its
mark would end the match, but Ben easily stepped back and parried the thrust. Ben feinted with his sword
moving forward with his right hand, but then quickly changed the sword from his right hand to his left and
thrust toward Len’s chest. Len parried the thrust but the sudden changing of hands threw him off balance,
which gave Ben the opening he was looking for. He changed the sword back into his right hand and made a
thrust, which Len could not defend. The balled point of Ben’s sword was rammed into Len’s chest and the kill
buzzer sang out for all the audience to hear.
The match was over in two minutes and thirty-two seconds.
Again the Tarmorian crowd was appreciative of watching Grand Master Ben Hillar perform feats with the
sword that few men in the galaxy could do. They applauded for several minutes before leaving to go to the
wagering booths or to go about their business.
Ben's opponent, the young Tarmorian, Len, was sitting on his stool in a slouched position on the other side of
the sparring mat. Obviously he was dejected over the loss of the match, but Ben could tell he had a natural
talent, which would eventually win tournaments.
Ben walked over to him. "You gave a fine performance," he said. "I can tell you're going to go a long way
in the art of swording."
Len looked up and smiled. "Thank you," he said.
"I look forward to seeing you again," said Ben. He wished him luck in the next tournament, and then headed
for the private locker room.
Later, after Ben had showered, he met Lyil, Tam, and Rand in the outside lobby, and the four of them went
to an elegant restaurant at one of the luxury hotels. Seven armed guards ushered them through the main area of
the hotel keeping the patrons at a distance as they made their way to the elevators. Many of the Tamorians,
seeing who it was, stopped what they were doing and applauded, even some of the tourists, who recognized
Ben, applauded.
Because of Ben's celebrity status, a private, upstairs dining room with a balcony overlooking a colorful
fountain and a green plush garden had been reserved for him and his guests. Little birds flitted from tree to tree
singing melodious songs. Glow flies winked their lights off and on giving the appearance of twinkling stars
inside the lush green. Misters periodically sent a fine spray of moisture giving a coolness to the air.
As the four of them sat down Ben noticed there were five settings, and wondered if he had missed
something. He looked at Lyil and nodded his head toward the extra plate.
"Very shortly there'll be one more joining us," she said answering his look of inquiry. "Like you, he's well
known among the Tarmorians and on other planets as well. We invited him because he said he would very
much like to meet you. And I was sure you wouldn't mind."
"Of course not," said Ben.
Tam tapped her spoon on the table. "He better get here soon. I'm hungry. And I hear the food in this place
is great."
Rand unfolded his napkin and neatly laid it on his lap. "My dear," he said looking at Tam, "if you were not
hungry, I would be surprised."
Just then the door opened and a small Tarmorian man walked into the room. Ben and Rand stood up. "This
is Dr. Ros-ejjon," said Rand introducing them.
Ben shook his hand, and they sat down.
"Now this is ironic," said Ben thinking it might be an understatement. "Dr. Ros-ejjon, the extremely
successful writer and publisher of the satirical and political comic book, The ‘Adventures of Em and Nebbie,—
distributed and sold on many of the planets throughout the Galaxy. It's partly because of this comic book that
I've had such a hard time convincing people my research is worthwhile."
"My apologies," said Dr. -ejjon. "But on the other hand and quite to the contrary it's because of your
research and the Galaef's interest in it that the sale of my comic book has nearly doubled in the last month."
"You're welcome," said Ben with a smile. And I must admit, it appears the comic books haven’t had a
negative impact on the Galaef, because here I am about to embark on an archaeological dig looking for the
Aeolian Master, the God of the winds—better known as ‘Em.’” "And since we're both happy with the outcome,
then tonight should be a night of celebration." Ben motioned for the waiter.