The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

The people kept filing in. And Lyil could see very few empty seats. The spectators were beginning to sit in
the aisles or were standing behind the last row in each tier. The noise was becoming louder as the crowd grew.
Just then a man stepped into their box.
Rand looked up, and then stood up. "Dr. -ejjon," he said putting forth his hand to be shaken. "It's good to
see you."
"Hello Rand," said the new comer as he grabbed the outstretched hand and shook it. He looked down at
Tam. "Hello Tam," he said. He shook her hand. And then he looked at Lyil, smiled, but said nothing.
Rand came to his rescue. "Dr. -ejjon let me introduce you to Lyil Zornburst—a most trusted friend."
"Good to meet you," he said and bent over to shake her hand.
"A pleasure," responded Lyil. "It's always nice to meet a famous man." Lyil noticed that he was different
from most Tarmorian men in that he was small and slender, other than that he was typical in that he had brown
skin, black hair, brown eyes, and that deep Tarmorian voice. He was dressed in upper class attire.
Dr. -ejjon laughed amiably. "By famous, I hope you mean in a good way."
"Of course," said Lyil. "I love your comic books."
"That's wonderful," Ros said with an air of honest relief. "I was afraid you might be offended by them."
"Not at all. I find some of the episodes quite humorous, and well written with a plot that keeps me
"Thank you. That is always my goal." He stepped back so as not to crowd them. "I noticed yours is the
only box left with some empty seats, and since I volunteered to give up my seat for the Mayor's daughter—who
rarely comes to a swording event, I . . . "
"My dear Dr. -ejjon," interrupted Rand. "Please say no more. Come and join us."
"Thank you. It's most kind of you." He walked down the row until he came to the next empty seat, which
was next to Lyil’s. He sat down. "How were you able to commandeer one of these boxes?" he asked.
Lyil swept her red hair off her shoulders with a dignified, graceful motion of her hands. "Dr. Hillar is a guest
of the Galaef's, and I've been showing him around the city." She looked at Ben in her mind’s eye. She had
been telling herself that he was just a friend, but Mandril was probably right when she said Lyil was fooling
herself. Even so, it didn’t make sense that she could be attracted to a man she had met only three days ago?
"It’s fortunate," said Ros, “that you’ve gotten to know Professor Hillar.”
"Most fortunate," agreed Rand. “It’s not that often we get to watch a Grand Master in one of our
tournaments, let alone two of them.”
Lyil started to ask about the two Grand Masters, when one of the competitors, in the upcoming match,
emerged from the tunnel.
Tam pointed. "Look, is that Ben?" She asked in her husky voice.
“You’re trying to be funny,” said Lyil in an irritated tone. “But it’s not working.” Lyil, knowing that the top
seeded swordsman always came in last, was quick to realize that Ben was the Grand Master.
Just then a heralder appeared in the tunnel at the other end of the arena. "And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, I
give you Grand Master of the Galaxy, Professor Ben Hillar." The microphone around his neck amplified his
voice throughout the stadium echoing off the walls.
The entire audience rose in a standing ovation. They cheered, clapped, and stomped their feet as Ben walked
out of the tunnel.
Not expecting this type of an ovation for a Grand Master, Lyil was probably the last one on her feet. "Why
didn't you tell me he placed in the Galactic Games?" she shouted.
Tam shouted back. "Why don't you keep up with the results? Or why didn't you read his personal file?
You're G-staff. You have access to that information."
"Since I was going out with him, I believed I'd be taking unfair advantage."
"Silly Girl."
Feeling silly was something Lyil hadn’t experienced since she was a young girl in pre-college school on her
home planet, and she certainly didn’t feel silly now, however it suddenly occurred to her that in her sense of
fairness toward Ben she had violated her job description. Being uniformed was not in the best interest of the
Galaef. She was beginning to see that she had let her feelings for Ben, however slight they were, interfere with
her duties as a personal interviewer and as a member of the “G Staff. She would never let it happen again.
After a minute of a standing ovation, the spectators started sitting down and the noise subsided.
Not looking at his files might not have been the right thing to do, nevertheless Lyil was glad she hadn't
checked Ben’s personal file. There was no question now that she liked him for who he was and not for his