The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

"Actually," said the Galaef slowly, "that's not the case. When Thorne came to visit me in prison he made it
quite clear that the only reason I was still alive had to do with finding Myra. He had already tried her home
planet and found that she had falsified her documents. The fact is she's from somewhere other than what her
documents read."
Ben was outraged. "What the hell kind of people do you have working for you?" he yelled. "First Thorne
has you thrown in prison and now you find out Myra lied on her documents?"
The Galaef was surprised that anyone would use this tone of voice with him, but considering the
circumstances he decided to overlook it. "Are you reprimanding me?" he asked in a sour voice.
Ben calmed down a bit. "Sorry," he said, "I got carried away. But the whole situation is absurd. All these
years I've been lead to believe that the Galaef is one hundred percent secure in his reign. The only threat he has
to worry about is assassination. Now, suddenly we have Thorne doing the impossible—changing codes and
taking over the Galaefship, and we have Myra losing herself somewhere in the galaxy with Thorne probably hot
on her trail. All in all it appears we're not in a good situation.
"I can only agree with that," said the Galaef, "but the fact that she lied on her documents is a good thing. It
means we have a chance of finding her before Thorne."
"How is that possible?"
"We will look for the flight of a lone, ten-man destroyer by setting up an internet with freighters and cargo
ships. With this internet there's no doubt we'll find the planet. After that it's a matter of finding Myra before
Thorne." He looked down at Xilil. "Get on it and let me know when you've found the planet."
"Yes sir."
A voice from the corner spoke out in a quiet and somber tone. "Sir?" It was Frosty.
The Galaef stopped in mid stride as he was about to leave the room. "Yes?"
"It's about my family, sir."
"Of course," he said. "In all the turmoil I forgot. Xilil . . . ."
"Before you start the search for Myra's planet get the coordinates for Frosty and Mordrous' families, contact
the command posts in those locations and have their families moved to a secure location."
"Yes sir."
Taul looked at Ben, “I doubt that Thorne’s even thinking about their families at this time.”
“Probably right,” said Ben.
And with that they left the room.
Chapter Seventy
As the translucent metal-door slid quickly into its recess, Professor Ahmand Benjamin Hillar, now second in
command of the all-powerful Galactic Empire, stepped through the doorway and into the conference room of
Hurd's Tower—shortly to be renamed. As he came to a halt and looked about, he found himself standing in a
large oval room built with seven levels in a tier-like construction with each higher level radiating out. With the
exception of the floor at the bottom of the room, each level was approximately six feet in width with chairs and
tables and built-in horizontal viewer screens. On the bottom floor was a huge conference table, which seated, at
the very least, forty people. He noticed that coming in from four different directions were wide stairways which
led to the bottom floor.
Ben wondered why Hurd had such a large conference room with the enormous table. He never had any
conferences with more than five or six people at any one time. Must have been part of his future plans—king of
an empire with people bowing at his feet.
Ben walked down the steps toward the table. The soft, luminescent light hidden in the ceiling high above
cast his moving shadow upon the steps, which were covered with blue El carpet.
A hum of excitement was in the air as the people in the room were talking loudly or whispering amongst
each other. There must have been at least a hundred and fifty men and women sitting in the chairs on the tiered-
levels. They consisted of people who had been prominent before Hurd's takeover. Many of them were previous
business owners who were released from prison the day before. Others were scientists, architects, doctors, and
religious leaders. And there were a few Ben hadn't met.