The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

Em threw his gun down.
"It won't do you any good," said Ben. "Your scents are no longer operational, which means you've lost the
war." Ben was pointing at the burned out control panel. "Let the girl go and negotiate with us. Perhaps we can
keep you out of prison by banishing you to another planet where you can live a meager life with your wife.
Maybe we'll even throw in the picture of Teddy Roosevelt."
Ben's last remark infuriated Hurd. He stood up and aimed his phasor at Ben. "You've ruined my plans for a
magnificent empire." His face was distorted with rage. "I'm going to kill you," he growled between clenched
teeth. He began to squeeze the trigger. "Die," he whispered.
A blur of gold streaked through the air with unimaginable speed, and it brought with it, death. It seemed to
Ben that it was impossible for an animal to move so fast.
A swipe of Roqford's paw struck Hurd's gun hand forcing it to his chest before he could pull the trigger. At
the same time Roqford's head butted Hurd with such force as to knock him off his feet. He sailed over the
guardrail and through the opening of the scent doors.
That ended the negotiations with Hurd.
As soon as Sam saw what had happened he rushed over to the opening and stuck his head over the ledge
until he could see Hurd falling away. “I’m the one who stole your cigars, you dirty bastard!” he yelled.
Ben looked out the opening just in time to see Hurd plummeting toward his death, while at the same time
Hurd raised his fist and shook it in anger as if to say, ‘if only I could get my hands on you for stealing my
cigars, I would punish you severely.
And that was the end of Hurd.
Sam left the opening and hurried over to Viella. She would be paralyzed another twenty-five or thirty
minutes, but she could hear what he was saying. "We've done it," he said. "We've defeated Hurd, and now the
city belongs to the people."
Ben could almost see a smile beneath her frozen face.
Ben stood looking over Xilil's shoulder watching and hoping that soon Thorne's attempted usurpation would
come to an end and that his control over the Commander would be quickly taken from him and returned to the
Galaef. He wanted to get back to his research, but more than that he wanted to get back to Lyil. Being second
in command of the Galactic Empire was not something he had ever hoped to achieve. It seemed a burden,
which he could do without.
It pleased him that the city had fallen to the revolutionaries with little loss of life and in a short amount of
time. It gave him hope that Thorne would fall just as fast. How could Thorne possibly hope to succeed? There
were too many failsafe systems designed by top-level strategists and by the computer planet. It was only a
matter of time before Thorne would fall into one of these traps, and his short reign as Galaef would be finished.
Philosophically speaking, it occurred to Ben that in the long run, evil cannot win, because evil always
annihilates whatever it touches. That doesn't mean that good always prevails. What it means is that evil never
self perpetuates, because evil is a destroyer and once it's on top, it cannot stay there. Since it destroys
everything, it also destroys itself.
Thorne and his evil plans would go down, but would he take the Galactic Empire with him?
Hurd and his evil, little empire were destroyed, but Newusa remained intact, and now the good would take
over and make the city prosperous and make life enjoyable for the people.
How abruptly Hurd's evil reign had ended.
Once the city militia was informed of the death of Hurd they quickly surrendered their weapons and patrol
crafts. There were only a few who held out—four militia snipers and three patrol craft who were loyal to Hurd
until the end. All the men in Hurd's tower surrendered immediately, making it easy to secure the building. And
finally the holdouts were dealt with.
Dahms, Everette, and Sharpie marched triumphantly into Government Square with the revolutionaries
behind them. The sounds of whooping and yelling filled the air with jubilant excitement as the men and women
of the city congregated with the prison guards, the mountain people, and the city revolutionaries.
In order to keep the crowd under control, the Galaef stepped up to a microphone, which had been placed on