The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

record and a good word from Rogae X, he was transferred to his new position.
o o o o o
He shifted the weight of the three phasors trying to find a more comfortable position. He rounded the corner
and walked toward the two men. He drew his phasor and shot twice. They were both paralyzed as they hit the
floor, and they would stay that way long enough for him to do what he had to do.
He set two of the rifles down, holstered his hand phasor, unbolted the door, and opened it. It was time for
him to help the rebels on the roof. If he could get them to the scent room, they would have a chance of subduing
Hurd's Elite Royal Guard: twenty-two of them plus Hurd.
Chapter Sixty-Eight
Em put his hand on the door and then said in a tone of resignation, "It's bolted from the inside, and judging
from the strength of this metal it will take hours to burn through it with a hand phasor."
Sam drew in a long breath and puffed it out making his mustache stand up. A worried look crossed his face.
He aimed his hand phasor and started shooting at the palm switch with continuous fire.
“It won’t do any good,” said Ben. “You’re just going to deplete your power pack.” As he said this he was
desperately trying to think of an alternative plan. He had to think of something, otherwise thousands of rebels
were going to die being hacked to pieces.
Then the door started to open.
Em was still leaning partially against it and had to quickly brace himself to keep from losing his balance.
Abruptly he found himself face to face with a phasor rifle and looking into the eyes of the man behind it.
Corporal Winterrose jumped back and then, not wanting to make any noise, he whispered, "Crap, you
startled the hell out of me."
Sam raised his phasor and started to shoot, but Em pushed his hand down. "Wait," he said.
"'Wait' is right," whispered Corporal Winterrose. "I'm on your side. And I was just coming to give you a
No time for chatter, thought Ben. He pushed his way past Sam, Em, and Corporal Winterrose and into the
scent room. He stepped over the two men lying on the floor. "Come on," he said and started down the
walkway behind the scent racks.
Corporal Winterrose caught up with him and grabbed his arm. "They're still working on getting the doors
open," he said.
"Getting the doors open?"
Corporal Winterrose had a blank look on his face. "Yeah, didn't you know?"
"Know what?"
"The destroyer's phasor welded them shut. I thought you did it on purpose."
"No we didn't," replied Ben. "But it's damn lucky for the foot soldiers that we did."
"How many men are there?"
"Twenty-three, including Hurd."
Ben turned and pointed to the men behind him and then to the different rows. He wanted them to spread out.
The lights were bright, which made him feel like a duck in a shooting gallery. He walked stealthily down the
corridor, and when he was three quarters of the way to the end, he came to a halt. He could hear Hurd's men
talking at the other end of the scent rack. He slowly peeked around the corner.
From this vantage point he could see nothing but two men about ten paces away. They were talking quietly
while staring toward the front of the tower, probably watching the cutting of the doors.
He signaled for Em and Viella to stay behind, and then quickly stepped past the aisle. He went to the end of
the corridor and again peered around the corner. Now he could see the control room and the scent release
doors. Damn, he thought as he pulled back. The doors are open, and they're getting ready to launch a scent. I
hope to hell that's the first one.
And then he could hear Hurd giving the commands. "Bring the scents," he yelled.
Two men walked over and unloaded a scent from the first rack. They carried it to a small launching pad near