The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

impressed,” said Samsung. “You’re still alive.”
“That’s because I followed your every move.”
Brale watched as Samsung, without further comment, aimed his phasor at the front corner of the room,
obviously where he believed the guard was hiding on the other side of the wall. He fired.
The phasor bolt burned a hole two-thirds of the way through the wall. The second one pierced the wall and
went on through. It missed the guard’s head and face, but came close enough to burn off his nose.
The guard dropped his phasor and screamed in pain. Still screaming he ran down the corridor.
He’s probably looking for a drinking fountain or a bathroom where he can find water to put on his face, and
the hole where his nose had previously ordained his face, thought Brale.
Samsung and Brale emerged from the office. Phist and Xilil ran down the corridor, then with Samsung
leading they hurried around the corner to the right and started sprinting. They came to an open doorway on the
right. Further down on the left was an elevator.
Before anyone could run into the room, Brale yelled, “No. It’s a trap Why would they leave the door open to
let us know where they have taken the Galaef?”
Samsung looked around the opening and then pulled quickly back. Three phasor bolts tore past the spot
where his head had just been.
The red light from the phasor bolts caused a momentary red flash throughout the room. Being close to the
open doorway, Brale and Samsung could see racks and racks of weapons.
Brale shook his head. “I know he is not in there. They’re planning to use the Galaef for bargaining, in case
Hurd loses the war. But in order to do that, they need a room with communications. There won’t be
communications in an arsenal room.”
Brale with the others following ran past the open doorway and down the hall to the elevator.
“You see the floor indicator? That’s the floor where they’re hiding the Galaef.”
Brale followed as Samsung and the others stepped onto the elevator. The got off on the thirty-fourth floor.
They searched from room to room until they came to the council meeting room. When the door slid open they
could see the Galaef propped up in a seat on the first tier at the far end of the room on the left. There were four
guards in the room, and one of them was holding a phasor to the Galaef’s head.
Samsung didn’t wait to negotiate. He shot the guard on the right at the far end of the room. A guard to the
left on the second tier ten feet away popped up from behind the seat and fired a shot. Samsung ducked to the
right, ran to the left. He jumped off the arm rest of the nearest seat. He landed on the second tier. The guard
fired another shot, but Samsung, proving to be a superb athlete, performed a three hundred and sixty degree turn
with his body—which will throw off the attack of any enemy in a close quarter Situation. Samsung’s foot
lashed out and kicked the phasor out of the guard’s hand. He quickly moved in closer throwing a punch to the
man’s solar plexus. The man went down gasping for breath.
As another guard raised up from behind his seat to fire a shot at Samsung, Brale and Phist simultaneously let
loose with their phasors tearing a hole through his chest.
The guard holding the phasor to the Galaef’s head ducked behind the Galaef and yelled out. “If you advance
any further the Galaef dies.”
“What do you want?” asked Brale.
The guard said, “I’ll tell you what I don’t want, I don’t want to go to prison. I want my freedom. I want to
change my allegiance to your side. You grant me this, and I will let the Galaef go unharmed.”
The Galaef was ready to agree. “You have my word on it.” he said.
But the guard was smarter than that. “You’re a politician,” he said. “You, I don’t trust.”
Brale put down his phasor and walked until he was but fifteen feet from the man and said, “You see, I have
put down my weapon. You could kill me at any time. But I am here to tell you that if you let the Galaef go,
you will have your freedom.”
Much to Brale’s chagrin, the guard said, “I don’t trust you, either.”
Samsung holstered his gun and walked up beside Brale. “You have my word on it,” he said.
The guard stood up and dropped his weapon. “I don’t know you, but I know you are from Newnippon, and I
know your people are honorable. So, you I trust.”