The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

the edge.
Again he had done a service for those in need, his friends, but he could sense danger was still threatening to
destroy lives. He wanted to slip back into his world of peace, but he knew his services were needed. In the
back of his mind he could still hear the rushing of the wind, the crashing of the waves, and the loud booming of
thunder, like giant hands clapping the air.
He shrugged it off and opened his eyes. He rose from the chair. With probing fingers he felt his body. It
was different than the one in the other world. It was solid, more material, and denser. It was strong and
healthy. It would be adequate in this world.
As he walked down the corridor a flood of memories came rushing back. In his mind he saw his rebirth in
the computer complex and the events that his brain had participated in thereafter. He pictured the mountains
and Viella. He could see the pit and the ensuing battle. He knew now the fight was not over.
He slid down the pole and dropped through the hatches to the roof. There were two groups of people
standing near the destroyer. They were involved in a heated discussion. He heard one of the men say, "The
ship might come to life again and plunge over the side. Nobody can go aboard."
Two more men were walking toward the groups.
Roqford was next to the ship when Em dropped to the roof. Roqford was lying on his stomach with his head
up, waiting and watching. Hello, he said as Em suddenly appeared. He had been expecting him.
Hello, repeated Em mentally. It never occurred to him that the cat shouldn't be able to talk.
The men and woman in the groups turned and stared at Em. They had looks on their faces as if they had just
witnessed the resurrection of a mythical God, springing from the womb of time.
"Are you with us?" asked Ben.
"Yes," answered Em. He was quite aware of his surroundings.
Viella looked shocked. “He can talk,” she said out loud.
Taul took charge, "Listen," he said to Em. "I don't know if you are cognizant of the present circumstances,
or if you even want to help us, but we can't stand around and discuss it. We have to go down the stairs to the
next floor and destroy the control center."
Em didn't hesitate. "I'll lead," he said. "It'll be easier for me to find the way." He took command and no one
thought to question his ability, not even the Galaef.
Em pressed his hand against the palm lock. His awareness coursed through the mechanism. It found the
code, which opened the door. The numbers coursed through the electronic circuits, and the door slid open.
With a look of wonder on her face, Viella asked, "How does he do that? I don’t get it." There was an
inflection of amazement in her voice.
“You are absolutely right," agreed Ben. "I would like to know how he does that. If only we had the time. If
only we had been able to study him—to talk to him.”
Ben was listening as the Galaef and Brale were discussing what to do next, but Em ignored them and stepped
into the stairwell. Ben and Samsung were quick to follow, and as they did the Galaef and the others fell in
Em walked down the stairs and stepped onto the top landing. He moved toward the door. Again he used his
magic. He put his hand on the code lock, then punched the palm lock with the butt of his hand. The door slid
Ben watched as Em hesitated. Why was he waiting? Suddenly Em ducked into the hallway as a red beam
shot over his head and through the opening. It just missed Ben as he jumped out of the way. Em brought his
phasor into action. The blue streak leapt out, and the man fell to the floor in stun.
How the hell did Em know that man was there? Or maybe he was just being cautious.
As Ben, Samsung and the others followed, Em hurried down the hallway leading toward the front of the
building. They came to a wide corridor, which led to the left away from the corridor they were in. It appeared
the corridor was at least twenty feet wide. There were ten closed doors on both sides. It traveled approximately
two hundred feet and ended in a corridor which was vertical to it at the other end of the building.
Em looked to the left down the long corridor, paused a moment, and then continued straight hurrying toward