The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

rebels have attacked. They must have been confident to finally reveal themselves, but he would crush them like
a bug beneath his boot. He was ready and today was the day. And a good day it was.
Hurd entered the scent room with a smile on his face. He hurried down the aisle passing the scent racks as
he went. He came to the last scent rack and turned left around the corner. Much to his chagrin the doors to the
tower were still closed. The men were standing around waiting. To the right was the computer room, and
again, the men were standing and waiting as if they had nothing to do. “What the hell is going on?” blurted
The captain pointed at the autoviewer. "There's a G15 headed this way. If we open the doors they'll put a
sonic bomb through the opening and the tower will become nothing but a little pile of powder.
Hurd was startled and puzzled by the news, then he became angry as he realized what had happened. "It
must be one of the G15's from the prison." Now he understood why the rebels had started the attack.
Hurd smiled. "But we have a little surprise for them, don't we?"
"Yes sir," replied the captain.
"Is the turret manned?"
The captain put on a set of headphones and punched a number on the console. "Control room to turret," . . .
, "Control room to turret," . . . , "Are you on line?" . . . , "Yes sir. We'll keep this line open."
"Well?" asked Hurd impatiently
"The turret is being manned by Em and Neb . . ."
"I'm sorry sir. It just slipped out. We nick named them Em and Nebbie because they're always talking about
saving the city from attacking rebels." In a pensive tone he continued, "The turret is being manned by
Commander Tral and Corporeal Jymme, sir."
"Fine. Are they ready to fire?"
The captain was still listening with the headphones when a shocked look crossed his face. "What?" he yelled
out. "Say that again."
"What is it?" asked Hurd in an anticipating, angry voice.
"Sir, they say they've just had a malfunction with the turret's computer. It won't respond to their commands."
"Damn," yelled Hurd. "Get our best tech up there, right now!"
The captain signaled to one of his men. "Get Turney up to the turret right away. And tell him to take his
tools. They've had a malfunction with the computer."
"Yes, sir," said the man. He hurried away to the communications booth.
"Damn," said Hurd. "Of all times for the computer to break down. It had to be now!" Then he calmed down
and smiled as he thought of something. "Fortunately we have another surprise for them."
"The entire outside of the building is made of norimuinatit. Nothing can penetrate this building, not even a
sonic bomb." Hurd became more serious. "Tell the turret not to remove the holoscape camouflage until the
tech has fixed the problem, and they're ready and on line."
"Yes sir."
"Then to hell with the G15. As soon as we knock it down, the rebels will be like meat in a grinder."
High above the rocky terrain, the G15, like an ominous bird of prey, moved silently toward the city of
Newusa bringing with it a terrible arsenal of destruction.
Ben watched through the dusk of the morning light. He peered into the ship’s viewer screen. The gates of
the city dome, still in the shadows of the low mountains, loomed large in the distance. The two sets of gates,
one which was structured with locks and three sets of huge sliding doors to allow larger machinery to pass in or
out and a smaller set of sliding doors, used for traffic consisting of people or smaller vehicles such as two man
patroller crafts, were built into the huge base of the dome for the purpose of keeping the city from being
exposed to the outside elements of the planet, and also to keep out the toral. Controlled by two men stationed in
a room next to the gates on the inside of the dome, they were operated and opened for only those with