The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

Sharpie followed her gaze.
Lieutenant Bradow stepped beside her and also looked up.
"It's still intact," said Dahms almost in a state of shock. "And where the hell is the destroyer?"
Sharpie and Lieutenant Bradow remained silent.
"Do you see it?" she asked frantically.
"No," said Sharpie. But this single word became stuck in her throat as she watched the top of the tower. She
grabbed Dahms’ arm. "Look," she said in horror.
But Dahms had already seen it. The doors at the top of the tower opened and a scent was hurtled into space.
It plummeted toward the rebels with great speed, while scenting the blood it was programmed to spill.
Hurd was an early riser and was known for getting to the office and starting work before the sun came up.
And since he was there early, everyone was there early. If anyone showed up late, they would lose their job and
would find themselves on the street begging for food. It was only right that a person put in an ‘honest day's
work for an honest day's dollar,' (in this case a tal). Who wrote that? It seemed he had read it in a history book.
He walked through his secretary's outer office. "Good morning," she said as pleasantly as possible.
"Yes it is," he said as he walked on by. The door to his office slid open and there was Teddy Roosevelt
looking down from behind his desk. He walked around and sat down. His most recent project of building an
air force and acquiring two larger ships, probably G15's, was starting to take shape. This pleased him greatly.
With the money he had acquired from the black market, selling Zen I crystals, he had purchased ten heavily
armed air fighters and was now in the process of training pilots to fly them into combat.
But then he would have the problem of finding pilots or finding men to train as pilots for the destroyers.
It occurred to him Thorne could help get the pilots he needed from the Federation armada. After all Thorne
was beholden to him for his help in taking the Galaefship and for putting Taul Winler in prison.
Mentally Hurd drooled. With the air force he was putting together he could easily take control and become
absolute ruler of Ar. The other cities on Ar would be bowing down to his authority and paying the taxes he
would demand. Soon he would have enough money to build his palace like the Galaef's palace on Galactus VII.
He would build an elite army, which would give him the power to do away with the city council, then all would
hail him as the supreme leader of Ar.
He knew things couldn't be better. He picked up the steaming cup of coffee from the top of his desk, took a
sip, and leaned back in his chair thinking about the possibility of becoming the president of a Galactic Sector.
Just then a guard came rushing through the doorway.
Hurd looked up in anger. "How dare you interrupt me!"
"Sir," said the guard panting, "it's the rebels."
This got Hurd's attention, and he quickly forgot his anger. "What about the rebels?"
"They're attacking, sir."
"Attacking? You mean an all out attack against our forces?"
"Yes sir."
Hurd jumped up. "Call the scent room and tell them to release the scents, and tell them I'm on my way up.
Then call the guard room and tell them to man the turret."
"Yes sir."
As he rushed past his secretary, he said, "Push the button. We're going on red alert. And this is not a drill!"
The red alert had been practiced a thousand times if not more. All the guards would go to their positions.
The patrol craft with the mounted phasor cannons would be manned and sent into the enemy ranks, and the
hidden turret on top of the tower would be brought on line with two men inside ready to fire on any flying craft
attacking Hurd's tower.
Hurd hurried down the hallway toward the elevator. The scent room was three floors up, strategically
located near the top of the building where it was difficult to fire on from opposing forces, but easy to release the
scents. Once released from that height their plummet would reach an alarming speed before they tore into the
Hurd stepped into the elevator and punched the button. At last, he thought as the elevator started moving, the