The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

hours before the time of attack.." He stood up. "It is a rather simple plan, but the fact is we have a G15 and
Hurd doesn't. That makes it simple, and it puts the outcome of the war in our favor." He looked around the
room. "Now if there are no more questions or comments, we shall adjourn the meeting, and I want to invite all
of you to the Warden's house for food, drink, and leisure time." He waited to see if anyone had anything more
to say, then seeing they didn't, he stepped away from the table and walked out of the room.
Dahms looked at Sam. "I'll have to leave for the mountain nation this afternoon," she said.
"Wait," said Sam.
"What?" asked Dahms.
"I . . . Never mind. I guess I'll see you when it's over."
"Count on it," she said.
Ben ended the meeting. "We'll start the attack at 8 o'clock in the morning, three days from tomorrow." He
paused. "Well, I guess that's it."
The rest of them stood up. Sam, Gaal, and Xygliper started talking about the attack.
"Are you talking to Roqford," Viella asked Ben.
"Yes, I was," he answered. "He thinks the plan will work, and the sooner we blow Thorne out of existence
the better. But more than that I think Roqford likes the idea of being a General."
Viella looked at Em. "What are we going to do with him?" she asked.
"Keep him with us," replied Ben. Though Em wasn't an officer, Ben had brought him along to keep an eye
on him and also because in times of emergency he had proven to be of great help.
o o o o o
Eolia stooped over and picked a flower. Life was beautiful in the fields. There was no strife, no worry, no
pain. It would be right to spend forever walking the grassy fields of this world. Who would care? Nobody.
He laid under the oak tree and sniffed his flower.
Sharpie stood out of sight at the bottom of a dark, narrow ravine just outside Newusa at three hundred paces
from the western gates. Dahms, a towering figure of a woman at nearly six feet tall, was to Sharpie's left, and
Curt, Sharpie's fiancée, was to her right, and then there was Everette, the mountain man, towering over all of
them, holding his battle ax in his left hand with a phasor strapped to his right hip—he looked eager and ready
for battle. Sharpie and the others were silent as they waited to ascend the steep embankment to start the long
awaited war—a war to end Hurd’s reign of terror.
It was early morning, and the sun, still lingering behind the horizon, had yet to make its appearance. Phoebe,
the smaller of the two moons was slowly setting in the west, casting long eerie shadows off the rocks that lined
the top of the ravine. Sharpie shivered, and maybe not just from the cold, bone-chilling, summer air.
It had taken nearly all night for the G15 destroyer to make five trips, transporting the five hundred guards
from the prison to a distance of five miles from the Newusa city dome. At that point the guards had
rendezvoused with the mountain men and women, and then they traversed through a small, back-bending
underground tunnel, with Dahms leading the way. Most of the men and women were now lying and sleeping in
the deep ravine, but a few were talking nervously.
Sharpie watched the shadows, which appeared like long black fingers slowly inching their way up the eastern
slope of the ravine. What have I gotten myself into? she wondered.
"Any moment now," said Dahms as she looked at her watch.
They were waiting for the G15 to rise out of its secret lair ten miles back, cruise to the western gates, and hit
them with a sonic bomb in order to open the dome like a can of Carcholian fish.
At the meeting inside the G15 the previous night, Sharpie had made a suggestion, which was readily
accepted by Ben and the Galaef, that once the gates had disappeared, Phist should hit the hole on each side with
two more sonic bombs in order to make the entrance bigger for the charging guards and mountain people.
Dahms didn't like it, stating that the repair of the dome after the battle would be quite expensive and take
several months, also stating that they would have to build fires and temporary barricades to keep the toral out.