The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

The Galaef looked Ben’s way and motioned him over. “Thorne had the communicators disabled on both
G15’s. Apparently he and his think-tank geniuses have planned for all possible scenarios.”
Ben felt like his stomach had just been ripped out of his body.
Ben looked over the members of the make-shift, thrown-together-in-a-hurry council of officers, and then he
said, "We have come to that point where there is no turning back. The revolution started the moment the tower
in the prison yard turned to dust.
“This means," continued Ben, "that we will have to plan our actions carefully and quickly, only to include
force whenever necessary.
"Now I'm going to turn the meeting over to the Galaef." Ben sat down. For the first time in his life he was
beginning to feel a bit of impatience creeping into his thoughts. He wanted to take down Hurd as quickly as
possible, then turn his efforts to taking down Thorne. He especially wanted to get back to Lyil before any harm
could come to her. Damn, Thorne, thought Ben.
The Galaef didn't bother to rise from his seat. "Before we start making plans I want each of you to stand up,
one at a time, and give a short history about your life and how you came to be at this place and time."
Ben shifted in his seat. His impatience was beginning to bother him. He wanted to get this operation into
motion and dispense with all the trivialities. But he knew it wouldn't happen, so he waited, and he listened.
The entire group consisted of three women: Dahms, Viella, and Sharpie, and thirteen men, but this included
Em who only participated during times of extreme danger: Taul, Ben, Em, Samsung, Curt, Zorn, Brale, Gaal,
Xygliper, Sam, Jacob, Tillo, and Sweyn. And, of course, there was one quadruped, Roqford.
One by one the women and men rose, told a little about themselves, including how they became involved,
and then sat down. Finally, it got down to the last three: Ben, Em, and Roqford. Since Em wasn't speaking and
Roqford hadn't arrived, Ben started to stand up, but Taul beat him to it. He looked at Ben and then at the other
members present. "This is Ben Hillar," he said as he pointed with an open palm. "He has taken Thorne's place
as second in command of the Galactic Federation." He paused, then said, "This means when I'm not around or
if something happens to me, Ben is in charge. I have given this information, with my voiceprint, to the on-
board computer of this G15 and the other G15. If either one of these G15's get within range to communicate
with the Federation computer, this information will be relayed, and Ben will then be recognized as the new
second in command for the entire Galaxy.
“Furthermore each and everyone of you will be entered into these G15 computers as officers of the
Federation. That will be my next task as soon as this meeting adjourns." He paused and then continued. "It
should now be obvious to all of you that Thorne is trying to take over the Galactic Empire. If he succeeds, the
Empire will fall into a dictatorship and wars will break out all over the Galaxy causing unnecessary deaths and
hardships for countless numbers of planetary inhabitants." He let the gravity of the situation sink in before he
continued. "The only way for us to stop him is to get me within range to communicate with Galactus VII." The
Galaef sat down. "And now I open the floor to discussion."
Tillo stood up. "I don't understand why you need to communicate with the computer planet."
"Because," said the Galaef, "once I am in range, and I let the computer know I'm still alive, I will once again
have control of the Galactic warships, and Thorne will lose his power."
"There's only one thing to do," said Sam. Everybody shifted their attention to him. "We will contact the
nearest Federation cruiser and . . . ."
"It won't work," said Ben.
"Why not?"
Ben felt everyone's attention being focused on him. "Because Thorne has told the computer that the Galaef is
dead. As second in command that makes him the temporary Galaef until the computer appoints a new one in
two months."
"But the Galaef needs only to communicate with the computer planet, right?"
"Yes, but, in anticipation of your next statement, we have found that Thorne disabled the long range
communicators in both G15's, which means we cannot contact any Federation warship."
Sam leaned back in his chair. "What the hell are we going to do?"