The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

in Situ, but just barely, and only because it was required in order to be G-staff. As soon as he gained his title he
lost interest.
Upon analyzing his skill performances and test scores, the computer decided he was best suited for housing
control, and assigned him to that duty. It was his job to oversee all the guest quarters, making sure they were
always kept clean, in good repair, and ready for any dignitary of the highest order, including kings and queens
from far away planets.
o o o o o
Lyil hurried into the building. By jogging she had managed to meet Hast at the appointed time, and ten
minutes later they were situ sparing.
Hast, a tall, handsome man, looked up at Lyil from the mat. His masculine face was frowning. "You always
take your practices too seriously," he said.
There was a snicker from the practice mat next to theirs. One of the two G-staff men who had been sparing
before Hast and Lyil got there had overheard Hast’s comment, and he either thought it was funny that Hast
couldn’t take on a woman or he was trying to impress Lyil with some macho bullshit.
Whichever it was, Lyil didn’t like it. “Shut up and mind your own business,” she said in a low voice.
The man tried to make light of it and made a noise as if to imply, “Oh please don’t hurt me,” but under Lyil’s
glare he finally ignored her and went back to his match.
In this particular situ arena there were one hundred mats, and only half of them were being used. Why did
we have to choose this mat? she asked, chastising herself. She looked down at Hast. "No I don't," she replied.
She reached down and gave him a hand up. "It's possible that someday we'll be in a combat situation. And if
we are, I want to be ready."
Hast laughed sarcastically (which didn't please Lyil). "The possibility of that happening is almost nil," he
said. "The Federation is too strong, and most, if not all of the governments are happy with the political
structure." He gave her that all knowing look.
Lyil went into the Situ stance. "Maybe," she said, without displaying any anger, "but I'm still going to my
best to kick your butt." She was only half serious, but she said it softly so the G-staff on the mat next to theirs
wouldn’t hear her.
It was apparent that Hast was surprised by her comment. He stood speechless for a moment, then asked,
"What's wrong with you today? You don't seem to be quite yourself."
"Nothing's wrong," she replied. "In fact, everything's great." She smiled up at him.
"Well maybe someday I'll kick your butt. Maybe even now." It seemed she had stepped on his ego a little,
and he wasn't handling it well.
"Maybe," she said as she stepped forward. "Let's find out."
Hast stepped forward and executed an unorthodox move, probably hoping to catch her off guard. He quickly
took the stance of a boxer and sent his right fist toward her jaw.
She saw it coming and ducked her head to the right side. She reached forward with her right hand and
grabbed his right thigh. As it went into spasm she crossed over, reached down and hooked her arm around his
left calf muscle. She then gave a pull while simultaneously slamming her body into his abdomen. He went
down on his back while she landed on her feet. She immediately put her right foot to his throat.
"Okay, okay," he said. "You win this one." She let go of him and walked over and sat down on a bench.
"It's almost time to go to work," she said.
"Good. Next time let's do something besides Situ."
Lyil smiled. "Let's practice on the phasor range."
"Fine," he agreed.
They sat for a moment while resting.
"So, how's the job going?" she asked.
"Same as always.” Then after a pause, "Well, that's not quite true. Thorne has had a great many visitors
lately. They've almost taken up all the guest quarters. And for the next three weeks he's got more coming in.
"I've never seen anything like it,” he continued. “So, just out of curiosity I checked with the computer, and
the second-in-command, throughout the entire history of the Federation, has never had this many visitors at one
"So, I know," answered Lyil. “I’ve read all his files.” She pondered the situation for a moment and then