The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

you've had to say, and I can tell you right now no one is going to be murdered aboard this ship. Phist was right.
You don't just murder someone in cold blood to make a point. I’m sure I have a better solution.” She looked at
Zorn. "You can explain to him that we know about secret signals. And explain to him the bottom line: if they
drop a bomb and we die, he dies with us.
"On the other hand," she continued, "if you want to rough Mace up a bit, without any serious damage, so that
he understands pain, I have no objection to that."
All the men had resumed their seats at the table. Dahms looked at them for a moment and then said, "Brale,
is there anything else."
"Not at the moment, ma'am."
"Good. Then the plan stands like this: tomorrow morning we have Mace contact the flagship, then I contact
Rogae X, and after that, if we have to we send two men into the prison to assure the safety of the Galaef, and we
synchronize an attack on the prison in order to free the Galaef and the prisoners."
Xygliper let out a little laugh. "You make it sound so easy."
"I can only hope," said Dahms.
They adjourned.
The morning sun crept over the horizon and chased the night creatures back into their holes. The black of
night was folded out with a blanket of light from the dim, yellow sun. The stars winked out. The morning
colors of Mars sparkled in the light and painted the icy landscape different shades of red, from bright crimson to
dark cherry.
The sun was not yet high enough to extinguish the shadow in the pit, which looked dark and foreboding,
telling of another day of pain and possible death.
The prisoners shuffled wearily out of the barracks and into the cold morning air moving slowly toward the
assembly area.
Since the death of Rodde most of the gang leaders had grown sullen and angry toward Ben, but they kept
their distance knowing that he was like a poison bringing death to anyone who harmed him. This caused the
gangs to lose their power and many of the gang members had broken away from the gangs and started following
Ben wherever he went. They became friendly with him and even protective in their actions. They were glad to
keep the food pellets for themselves.
"It's only been two weeks," said Ben, "and you're already starting to look pale and jaded." He and Keegan
were walking toward the formation. Samsung was leading, and Em was following not far behind.
"The work is hard, the food is lacking," replied Keegan, "and I haven't been lying around in a hospital bed
eating good food and playing fanny pat with the nurse. And what's this about eating in the officers' mess two
nights ago?"
Ben grimaced. "I wasn't talking about me. I was talking about you. And the point is, you're body is
becoming emaciated. If we don't get you out of here, you're not going to make it to the end of next month."
"Well I'm all for that. There's just one problem—there seems to be a wall in the way, and on the other side
of it there’s a thousand miles of desert with toral lurking behind the trees waiting to eat escaping prisoners."
Ben grabbed Keegan as he started to stumble. He pulled him upright and looked into his face. "I've
convinced a couple of the guards that the Galaef is a prisoner in this prison. Right now they're working on a
plan to get him out. And when they do, this prison is going to fall like a stick hut on the windy plains of
"How are they going to get him out? There are six Federation guards outside the only entrance to his small
prison, and two on the inside, not to mention the two G15 destroyers."
"Like I said, they're working on it. And also, I'm working on my own escape plan, and I'm going to try to
make it happen within the next couple of days."
"By God," declared Keegan, "you name the day and I'll be ready."
Ben wanted to name the day, but the plan hadn't been fully worked out. He knew he couldn't get the Galaef
out, so he would leave that to Sharpie and Curt. Right now his plan was for himself, Keegan, Samsung, and Em
to escape. He couldn't take anymore prisoners, and he knew that Viella wasn't in danger of starvation. So his