The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

"You're right about one thing. No one from Ar knows how to operate a G15." Sam looked at Xygliper.
"How about you Xyg, do you know how to fly a destroyer?"
"Nope. Never learned."
"Considering all the possibilities," said Sam, "I don't think the odds are in our favor. But like Xyg says, we
have no choice, and even if I have to do it alone, I will do whatever I can to get my sister out of that death pit."
As they came closer, Dahms peered intently ahead. She could see the two ships sitting silently on their pads
like sleeping giants waiting to awaken and go into battle. Her heart began to pound as she anticipated the
coming conflict between the four of them and the crews of these two warships.
Any man who was assigned to a G15 was trained to the 'nth' degree in all forms of combat and was ready for
anything that might come down the line.
She suddenly realized she was more frightened now than she was when they were fighting for their lives in
Hurd’s infamous “Run.” It occurred to her, even with all their planning and drilling, their chances of success
weren’t all that good.
But they had to try. Without control of these destroyers there was no hope of freeing the Galaef.
The G15 destroyer was considered by most war strategists as the most powerful conventional weapon known
to mankind. The shell of the ship was made of an atomically forged metal alloy called merilite, which was
second only, in strength, to norimuinatit, but three times lighter. The ship was so close to being circular it was
difficult to tell that it was oval in shape, nevertheless the pilot and control room were at one end of the oval and
the engine room which contained a Zen I crystal power plant was two decks below and at the other end of the
oval. The ship was 55 meters in length, 45 meters wide, and 40 meters in height. It was big enough to sleep,
feed, and house 100 men comfortably. On the other hand, it was so easy to handle that a skeleton crew of nine
men could wage battle. All they needed was a pilot, a copilot, a navigator, a fourth dimensional navigator, an
electro tech (in the event that any of the electronic equipment might be damaged or start to malfunction), three
men to double as cook, mechanic, and medical officer, and then, during time of battle, to man the three photonic
guns, and finally, one man was needed to fire the torpedoes or the sonic bombs.
If the G15 wasn't going into battle, it could be handled by a crew of five, and in emergencies two men could
fly and maneuver it.
One photonic gun could fire 36,000 rounds of phasor bolts within the duration of an hour before it would
have to stop to cool down. It could carry enough Zen I crystals to keep all three guns firing for twenty-two
And last, but most significantly, it contained a fully stocked arsenal of two comboys, two seeks with fifty
rounds each, two portable laser canons, two portable missile cannons, 120 phasor rifles, 120 phasor hand guns,
a various assortment of hand weapons including standard issue knives and crossbows, 100 torpedoes, and 500
sonic bombs (which were misnamed because they are actually missiles).
The fire-control technician, who fired the sonic bombs, had at his fingertips the power to obliterate an object
as small as a man or as large as a city. It would completely disintegrate anything it hit with the exception of an
object made of norimuinatit—upon which the sonic bombs had no effect. Needless to say, it was important that
the fire-control technician be perfectly skilled in the employment of sonic bombs. It was a silent, but extremely
lethal force.
Freeing the Galaef and Sam's sister wasn't Dahms' first motivation for commandeering the G15 destroyers.
If they could get control of these warships, Hurd’s reign of terror would come quickly to an end.
Dahms set the shuttle easily on the landing pad. It was early morning and the sun was rising on the horizon.
In the distance, straight ahead, she could see lights coming from a small domed city. It was the Employee City
where the crystal processing plant was housed. To the left she saw the lights along the walls of the prison. It
occurred to her that their mission had to be successful. They had to get Viella and the Galaef out of there. She
was concerned about Sam’s mental frame of mind if they couldn't save his sister. And the Galaef, what could
one say? Someone was tampering with the workings of the Galactic Empire, which in the long run could result
in Galactic chaos, wars, and the unnecessary loss of many lives.
Dahms could hear the hum of the antigrav motors wind down as she pushed the off button. "This is it," she