The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

“If you kill them,” said Samsung, “you will receive the death sentence.”
Ben was surprised that these men would help him, especially since they had nothing to gain by it.
“Thanks,” said Ben. He was feeling woozy.
Samsung grunted, “My pleasure.”
And the two mountain men nodded their heads. Then the three of them returned to their tables and sat down.
But Ben wasn’t finished. He looked at the table on his left and singled out the man in the middle. "Your
turn, Rodde," he said behind gritted teeth. "Get your ass over here and let's see what you got."
But Rodde just sat there and said nothing.
Ben was the only one standing when a blur of guards ran into the room and spread out with phasors drawn
while some of them ran down the aisle. "What's going on here?" shouted the one in the lead as he looked at the
seven men lying on the floor.
"They wanted my food," said Ben. He pointed at the prisoner whose face was starting to turn blue. “You
better get him to the doc quick. He’s dying of suffocation.”
Ben could feel the adrenalin starting to wear off. He grabbed his abdomen with his hand and sat on the
bench nearest him. He was starting to feel feint. The blood was seeping between his fingers and dripping to the
And then the blackness closed in.
The sun was bright. It shone for miles, reflecting green into the air from a ripple of trees in the garden of
Zanphir. Little animals scampered in the grass beneath the pyramid, playing hide and seek with their
companions. They sometimes stopped to eat plump red berries from little bushes, which popped up here and
there between the trees. A large cat, whose fur was a dark golden color, sat beneath a tree near the pyramid and
smiled at Ben while watching with curiosity.
Roqford is that you?
Ben stood on top of the pyramid, which was flat and had a symmetrical surface extending twenty feet in each
of the four directions. On top of the pyramid there was a diamond shaped pattern carved into the rock with the
top and bottom points of the diamond touching a side of the pyramid. The other two points stopped two feet
short of the other two sides. Inside and at the top of the diamond was an eye watching all who stood on top of
the pyramid. Also, inside the diamond was a circle touching the four sides of the diamond, and inside the circle
there were two rows with seven cylindrical rods in straight lines. They protruded two inches through the flat
A man with white hair and light brown skin, wearing a black and white striped robe, appeared on the far
edge of the pyramid across from Ben. With a benevolent smile on his face he started walking toward Ben, and
when he was but a few feet away he said, “A near death experience opens the door of the Universe and brings
forth intuition seeping into the mind from our Universal knowledge,—pay close attention.
A force inside compels Ben to move forward—walking to the left and stepping upon the second rod from the
top and sixth from the bottom, hissing, with dust rising from the hole as the rod moves down, and the air
escapes. The force, and Ben moves to the right stepping on the fourth rod from the top. Again there is the
hissing and the dust. Then the top rod on the right. Then the second rod from the bottom. Then to the left and
the fourth rod from the top. Ben steps down from the pyramid—a giant step. He looks past the garden, and the
gates to the valley open wide. He feels a wisp upon his face as if a butterfly has flown close. The man with
white hair beckons him from the valley. The sun is rising over the hills. He feels a wisp upon his face. He
raises his sword in triumph and moves toward the man. Suddenly, there is a quake shaking the ground and
giving off a thunderous noise. The ground begins to move, dust rises blotting out the sun, and a horde of one
hundred thousand race toward him in fury. And there is a wisp upon his face . . ..
Ben's eyelids fluttered as he opened them. He looked up at Viella who was wiping the perspiration from his
forehead with a white cloth. He looked into her beautiful brown eyes and suddenly it reminded him of the
deliciously brown espn trees on his home planet with their long, spreading branches coming off the dark brown
trunk and the light brown leaves fluttering from the smaller branches and the delectable chocolate-brown fruit
hanging from the branches in clumps. Where is my home planet? he wondered.