The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

"Yes," she said and this time she couldn't help it. She began to cry in half hidden whimpers trying to keep it
"It's okay," he said, and he continued to hold her in a hug with both arms wrapped around her in a gentle and
comforting manner.
When the whimpers finally subsided, and she had calmed herself, except for the occasional uncontrollable
sob, she asked, "Did I do wrong?" sob.
"Only by getting caught, child," he answered.
And then, thinking about getting caught, she suddenly remembered her brother. "Did Sam get caught," she
"Yes, he did."
"But I haven't seen him since I got here."
In a rather pleasant voice Juez said, "He chose the run."
"Oh my God," wailed Viella.
But before she could break out in tears again Juez quickly added, "But he got away."
Viella broke his hold and stepped back. "He got away?"
"Yes, he and three other runners actually made it to the final zone and just when it looked really bad for them
a couple of rebels dropped ropes from the girders above, and they managed to escape."
Viella sighed with relief. "Sounds like Sam," she said. "When this is all over he'll probably write a book and
become the richest man in Newusa."
Juez chuckled, "Well maybe not the richest, but I'm sure he'll do alright." Juez paused and sat down on a
bed,. "But speaking of alright, my main concern right now is you. How are you doing?"
"I'm doing okay," she said in a subdued voice. She hesitated a moment and then she added, "except for one
Juez' eyebrows furrowed and he became intent on her words. "Except for what thing?"
"The warden," she said, and her face showed she was one word away from crying again.
"The warden?" asked Juez
Viella started out with, "He . . .," but broke out in great sobs and Juez had to wait for several minutes before
she calmed down enough to continue. "He made advances on me, and he says I have to have dinner with him
tomorrow night at his house."
Juez remained calm on the outside giving the pretense of composure, but Viella knew he was seething on the
inside. “That's an easy problem to solve,” he said. “I'll take care of it before I leave.”
Viella nodded, knowing he would.
They talked awhile longer, and then she walked with him to the front door, which exited from the waiting
room. She watched as he left.
It was noon of the seventh day when Ben stepped into his numbered circle, '101,' and came to a silent stance.
Most of the other prisoners continued to talk and mill around as the excitement swept through their ranks. And
though a hot meal did excite him, he did not feel conversational considering he was here under false charges.
The front lock opened and the guard who acted as roll-caller stepped through the doorway. Og was behind
him and had to crouch to get through. He turn to one side to keep his broad shoulders from jamming on the
sides. It must have been quite irritating to live on a planet of small people. As soon as he was in the compound
he cracked his whip to remind the prisoners the most important reason for being quiet in formation.
Everyone came to an erect stance and remained very still.
The guard started the roll call and after what seemed like an eternity he came to Em’s name. Viella grabbed
his arm and raised his hand while shouting, "Here."
The guard looked down the rank to make sure it was Em's hand and then made a mark on his sheet. Finally,
he yelled out, “Samsung,” at which time Samsung raised his hand. "Okay," yelled the roll caller, "fall into
single file by the number."
Ben fell in behind Keegan as he and the other prisoners formed a single file. On command they marched to
the prison cafeteria, where, one by one they started through the food line.