The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

equator, and one large desert. The ground is a minimum of fifty feet deep. Water was also imported, and
Galactus VII has streams, rivers, lakes, two oceans, and snow in the mountains.
"The biologists created a chain of wildlife, none of which is harmful to humankind, and includes edible sea
life such as fish and crustaceans.
"When the planet was finished the Galaef's palace was built on the outside surface of the computer planet,
midway between the North Pole and the equator.
"Since space wasn't a consideration, the palace and the Inner City grounds were built with walkways and
roadways lined with trees and flowers. There are even high-rise walkways connecting various buildings. The
public buildings, such as libraries, restaurants, and entertainment centers (operated by non-G-staff personnel),
and the Galaef's spaceport, and even the barracks which houses more than 10,000 security and patrol guards
were designed not only for usefulness, but also for aesthetic qualities.
"Long ago, when Galactus VII was first designed and built, it was not planned that there would be another
city on Galactus other than the Inner City. However, . . . “
”Please,” interrupted Ben, “don’t retell the story of the Tarmorians. I already know how their population
was decimated by a microorganism accidentally brought to their planet by a Federation cargo ship, and how the
survivors were allowed to move to Galactus VII because they had nowhere else to go.”
“Fine,” said Augy, “then I will tell you about the city they built on the other side of the castle wall.”
Ben made a fake yawning noise.
"Am I boring you, Professor Hillar? You know, you can push the ‘off’ button any time you like."
"Don't be so emotional," replied Ben.
"Professor Hillar, you know I can't be emotional. I'm a computer."
"Yeah, sure. That's what all you computers say, and yet, you're always getting your wires in a tangle and
your circuit boards heated up."
"Professor Hillar, you aren't very funny. Do you want me to continue?"
"Yeah. Sure. Okay. But tell me something I don't know. Everything I've heard so far I already learned in a
high school history class."
"I'll try," said Augy and then she continued. "Space was not a consideration, when the Tarmorians moved
here, so an extremely large avenue, approximately two hundred yards wide, was constructed. Starting on the
outer side of the front gates, it travels in a straight line for twenty miles. It was planned that this street, named
Main Avenue, would be the location for the businesses and that the housing for the citizens would be in the
outlying areas several blocks out from the Main Avenue and radiating away.
"It took only a few years for bazaars to crop up. They had been very popular on their home planet, and the
Tarmorians prefer doing their business in an outside environment rather than in the enclosed confinements of a
building. Colorful tents and awnings line the broad avenue. They start near the front gate and continue for
several miles. Vegetable and fruit stands, weapons, household items, almost anything can be bought at the
bazaar; even black market items can be purchased from the right people for the right price at the bazaar." Augy
paused, then said, "but don't tell anyone I told you."
In an assuring voice Ben said, "I won't."
Augy continued. "As one passes out of the bazaar, and for the next seven miles, small businesses of all sorts,
designed to cater to tourists, line the broad avenue. And for the last ten miles you will find the glamorous hotels
and gambling establishments. Entertainers from all over the galaxy are hired to perform in the showrooms,
even famous holoview stars come to perform. Over a period of time the tourism trade became very profitable
and the Outer City is now a famous vacation resort, a get-away for fun, relaxation, gambling, and good
"Finally, a large spaceport was built on the west end of the city. And thousands of spaceships come in every
year with vacationers."
Ben lurched a little as the transport came to a stop.
"I think that pretty much covers it. Do you have any more questions?"
"Actually, I do," said Ben. He decided he should have used the direct approach to begin with. "What would
happen if an unauthorized person entered the internal workings of Galactus VII?"
Augy didn’t hesitate. "The internal computer, being made mostly of organic matter, has the ability to make
lethal monsters. The unauthorized person would be killed by such a creature shortly after entering."
Ben laughed. "Come on. You're pulling my leg." Ben realized he had used an ancient Earth saying. "I
mean, you're lying to me."