The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

possibly succeed. You and all your cohorts will fail. Even if you kill me, you cannot succeed."
"You took the thoughts right out of my mind," retorted Thorne. And then he whispered in a low voice, not
wanting the guards to overhear. "Not only will I succeed, but I will kill you, too."
Taul was taken aback by the sincerity and ruthlessness in Thorne's voice. "You can't succeed," he said again
in a more subdued and tentative voice. He suddenly realized Thorne wouldn't have gone this far if he didn't
have a scheme which propounded reasonable success.
"Success is already assured. Even Myra knew it, and that's why she fled," said Thorne stiffly. "Which
brings me to the reason I'm here, and why you're still alive." His mouth twisted slightly. Apparently it
aggravated him that his plan hadn't gone exactly as it should have. "I need to know which planet Myra is from,
and if you tell me and I find her with relative ease, then your death will be quick and painless, but if you lie to
me, and I have to use the information extrapolator, and if I have to wrench your brain apart to find what I need
to know, then your death will be long and horrible."
Taul began to suspect that Thorne had discovered Myra's secret job description. Still he was puzzled. All
Thorne had to do was check the computer files. As second in command he had the authority to do it. "Why do
you want her?"
"Let's not play games. You know, and I know she is the bearer of the ring. So, let's have it. Where is she?"
"I can tell you where she comes from, but that doesn't mean that's where she went."
"I'll worry about that. You just tell me her home planet."
The Galaef wasn't interested in being part of a mind melt. And besides the three or four weeks that it would
take for them to find her might be enough for him to get free; especially if he could work on the guards.
"Okay," he said. He looked Thorne straight in the eye. "She's from a planet called Rignon of the solar system
"You think I'm some kind of fool," yelled Thorne in a loud, booming voice. "Tell me now, or I will order the
equipment needed to turn you into a mindless idiot."
Taul started to look surprised and started to protest when in the same instant he realized that Thorne had
already checked out the planet Rignon, probably several months or several years back, and that was why Taul
was still alive. Suddenly, Taul realized that Myra's documents had been falsified and never discovered. He
wondered what the hell was going on with the security checks. Nevertheless, it was this instant of realization
that saved him from a mind melt and certain death. "You're right. You're right," answered Taul. "I'm so used
to telling people where she's from, it just slipped out." He stepped closer to the bars as if he was about to tell a
secret, when in actuality his mind was racing to figure out the planet which would be reasonable for her origin
and at the same time the most inaccessible for Thorne and his cohorts. "The truth is," he said in a low voice,
"she's from a small planet called Rison in the Prim solar system. We keep it a secret," he continued as his mind
kept racing to keep the lie going, "because she's from a race of people who have special mental powers, and we
don't want it to get out to those who might use these people for selfish purposes."
"You and all of your advisors are a bunch of idiots," said Thorne. “And, by the way, just on the off-chance
that you escape from the prison—give me your ring.”
“It won’t do you any good. It only works for me.”
“You’re so stupid. Didn’t I just say, ‘in case you escape?’ The odds of you ever getting back to Galactus are
almost nil, but just in case, I want to make sure you have no way of getting into the computer complex. I don’t
want you to give the computer orders to keep me out. So hand it over.”
Taul took the ring off his finger and held it out to Thorne. As he took the ring Taul said, "You know you
can't succeed. There are too many fail-safe systems." Speaking these words made Taul feel more confident. It
was like giving himself a pep talk.
Thorne started for the door, then stopped and over his shoulder said, "You're the biggest idiot of them all."
And he left the building.
Samsung stepped into the cell and stood looking at the wall with the barred window as the prison door slid
shut behind him.
Although Samsung appeared calm on the outside, his mind was seething with anger on the inside, and it