The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

Taul looked out from behind the bars in his small prison cell. What he saw was an oblong antechamber with
two beds, a refrigerator, and an open door, which led to a bathroom. There was an assortment of other furniture
used for living accommodations. Two of his elite guard were hurrying to and fro setting up surveillance and
communications equipment on the counter along the side of the east wall.
It was like a storm of dreadful events which had brought him to this place, without so much as a pause in this
attempted take-over. He had been bound and hooded and then whisked away to some place he knew not where,
but he knew from the hum of the engines he was being transported in a G15 destroyer. Finally, he was brought
to this small cell. The handcuffs and the hood had been removed, and now he stood in disbelief as he watched
two of his own elite guard who were obviously part of the usurpation. One of them was his chief security
guard, Mordrous and the other was Frostadeem.
For the first time in his life he was concerned about his own well-being.
As he watched these two men going about their business, he realized they must have been offered something
astronomical, or something unbelievably valuable. The Galaef’s elite guard were a group of computer chosen
men picked, above all, for their psychological scores in loyalty. Whatever had turned them into criminals, he
could not imagine, but because of this scenario he knew that if he used strong-arm threats against them, they
would not work.
But, on the other hand, what else could he do? "Do you men understand what you are getting yourselves
They ignored him and went about setting up the equipment.
"Release me at once" he ordered in a commanding voice.
They continued to ignore him
“Do you not hear me?” he yelled in frustration. “You must help me against Thorne and his evil plot. Only
then will I spare your lives and the lives of your families.”
Mordrous stopped what he was doing and walked to the Galaef's cell to confront him. "Sir, we hear you very
plainly, and we understand the seriousness of the situation, and in spite of that, we have orders that if you
persist in talking to us, we are to bind and gag you."
The Galaef became furious. "Damn you," he yelled. "I will see to it that you and your families and all your
relatives are thrown into the Zi pits."
Mordrous shuddered at the thought of it. "Sir," he said, "you must become quiet, or . . ."
The Galaef was still furious. “Whatever happened to the phrase, 'Elite and loyal to the end?'"
Mordrous pulled his phasor from of its holster. "Sir," he said as he pointed it at Taul's chest, "this is your last
warning. You must not say another word."
Seeing the phasor, the Galaef quickly became quiet and sat down on his bunk to mull things over. How
could Thorne pull this off? There were too many failsafe systems, too many obstacles to overcome in order to
depose the ruling Galaef and take over command of Galactus VII and the Galactic Armada. How could he have
devised a plan which would override all the computer's failsafe systems? How could it be possible?
It wasn’t possible. The computer would never give him command of the Galactic Armada. Or, had he found
something that would make it so?
The Galaef sat there for two hours trying to figure out what had happened, why it had happened and where it
was going to take him.
An hour later Mordrous and Frostadeem had finished setting up the equipment and were standing next to the
far wall talking in whispered voices.
Just then the door to the small building opened and Thorne walked in. He was alone.
As he approached the small prison cell Taul stood up and peered between the bars.
Thorne sneered. "You're a fool. All these years I've been planning to take over as Galaef, and you never
once noticed or suspected my actions. Always too busy positioning and repositioning the warships in the
armada and too busy with planetary heads of state and too busy resolving squabbles between planets and then
the latest and most ludicrous—you ran off to this nowhere planet to chase a myth. Now you see your folly.
Don't you?" he growled in contempt.
"I see your folly," said Taul with a venomous threat. "I see that you're attempting a feat which cannot