The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

the platform and began to walk toward one of the crossover tubes that led to the other hemi dome.
The warden didn't pay any attention to the cat. Instead, with his right hand extended, he indicated the man
on his left. "This is Kenley," said the warden. "His official title is 'Warden's assistant.'"
Kenley took a step forward.
"He will now give you a tour of our home and then you will have the rest of the day off, time to get moved in
and make yourselves comfortable." He turned toward the steps, but hesitated and then turned again to the
prisoners. "Oh," he said, "if you should have any complaints give them to Kenley, and he'll do what he can to
take care of them."
He'll take care of them alright, said Roqford half way down the tube.
The room was small being no more than twenty feet by twenty feet. The walls, the floor, and the ceiling
were made of metal—a cold, bluish steel. The room was barren of furniture or knick-knacks with only a bin
next to a counter off to the left and six racks of drab-gray, prison-issue shirts and pants directly ahead. Ben
stood in front of the other prisoners and waited.
“Okay,” said the guard, “take off your clothing, everything except your underwear. And then find a uniform
that will fit.” He pointed at the racks. “And keep whatever shoes you have on. We don’t issue shoes or boots,
so you better make them last.”
Ben stripped off his clothes, which he threw into the bin, then he found a uniform to fit and as he was getting
dressed he watched the other three male prisoners. Ben didn’t know two of the prisoners, and he had never seen
them except on the prison transport, but he was sure he would find out plenty about them in the next few weeks.
Em, of course, he knew. It was outrageous that Thorne would throw this man into prison. Even this usurper
should know that Em could help scientists find the answer to suspended animation, plus answer the question as
to why he was known as the God of the winds.
While the others were getting dressed Em stood in front of the racks, not moving.
One of the guards pulled his bully stick from a strap on his belt and started toward him.
“Wait,” said Ben.
The guard turned toward Ben and with an angry look on his face. He slapped the bully stick in the palm of
his hand, then took a step forward.
“I’m not being disrespectful,” said Ben. “And neither is he,” he said pointing at Em. “He’s a little slow in
the head, if you know what I mean.”
The guard eased up.
“I’ll help him get dressed,” said Ben as he stepped toward the racks. He picked out a uniform that looked big
enough, then helped Em out of his body suit and into the shirt and pants.
When everyone was finished, Kenly, the guard in charge, led Ben and the other three prisoners up a flight of
metal stairs and along a metal walkway. The two other guards, with their phasors drawn, followed from behind.
Kenley stopped in front of a barred prison-cell and pushed a button on a remote control device, which he
held in his hand. Looking at a sheet of paper he called out, “Em,” as the barred-door slid open. “Step in. This
will be your cell from now on.”
Em just stood there with a blank look on his face.
“Em,” called out Kenley in an angry tone. He was looking at the four prisoners not knowing which one was
Still no response.
One of the guards walked forward with his ‘stinging stick’ in the ready position.
Quickly, Ben grabbed Em by the arm and led him into the cell. “Like I said, ‘he’s a little slow.’” he said to
Kenley. He left Em and stepped out of the cell.
Kenley nodded, with a sour look on his face. He turned and started down the metal walkway. He passed
four cells before he came to a stop. He pushed the button and the barred door slid open. “Keegan,” he yelled
A tall, good-looking man with a good build and muscular arms stepped into the cell.
As the door slid shut, Kenley turned and walked to the next cell. He pushed the button. “Samsung,” he said