The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

was planned and constructed for the pleasure of the Galaef and his G-staff, but it is not just for them. It is for all
the people of the Inner City as well as for visitors from other planets. And sometimes people from the Outer
City will visit.
"The park and all the buildings in the Inner City were designed by a large staff of top architects and
architectural computer programs. The purpose of the Inner City is to hold one hundred and fifty thousand
people in comfort and luxury, so that they can do their job while running the Federation in pleasurable
"Most of the time the population of the Inner City is close to a hundred thousand, give or take five thousand.
It depends on the projects being handled by the Galaef and the Galactic Federation.
"During intra or interplanetary wars the population can become as high as one hundred and twenty thousand.
When war breaks out between two or more countries on a single planet, the Galactic Federation rarely
intervenes. But when a war starts between two, or among several planets, the Federation calls in many of the
top minds. First they have to decide whether or not to become involved, and secondly, if they do, then to what
extent. At the top of the list is always the monetary cost of taking on the responsibility. Then they have to take
into account the impact that the war might have on trade in that sector of the Galaxy; also social, cultural, and
environmental impacts have to be considered.
"Throughout the one point six million year history of the Galactic Empire it has been usual for the Federation
to step in with all its might and squelch interplanetary war. Thus saving millions of lives and preventing costly
damage to the planets. Political bargaining then solves their disputes, and it usually turns out fair and
economical for all parties involved.
"There is no doubt that the Federation is responsible for peace and prosperity throughout the Galaxy. If ever
the Federation fell, there would be terrible wars, planetary destruction, and the deaths of countless numbers of
innocent beings."
Augy paused, and at this point, Ben let out a small chuckle.
"Why do you laugh?" asked Augy's calm, feminine voice.
"Don't misunderstand,” said Ben. “I'm not disagreeing, nor do I think death is funny. I merely think you've
gotten off the track. We were going to talk about Galactus. Remember?"
"But Professor Hillar, I am giving some background information as I proceed toward the historical
construction of Galactus."
Ben smiled. "That's fine, Augy. Please continue."
"The first artificial planet, which was entirely a computer, was designed and constructed by the eight most
technologically advanced planets in the Galaxy. After its birth, Galactic unification took place. The Federation
armada was built, and with its power and especially with the strategical intelligence of the computer behind it,
all inhabited planets with inter solar system space travel capabilities were forced to pledge allegiance to the
Federation. Since that time the Galaxy has been mostly peaceful and prosperous.
"After 357,268.613 galactic years the first computer planet advised that a second computer planet needed to
be built. It told the Galaef that too many components were beginning to malfunction and that in another 30,000
years it would begin to make erroneous decisions.
"The second computer planet was built with the intention that it would be the last one, but as it turned out
five more had to be constructed.
"Finally, after Galactus VII was built, it was concluded by top scientists, in conjunction with the computer’s
input, that the Federation would never need to build another. This one has the capability for not only continual
self-repair, but also for an ever increasing intelligence as the discovery of new knowledge continues.
"Janus Vll, upon which you are now riding, is twenty five thousand miles in diameter. The outer shell is 20
feet thick and is made of Lastinite, the strongest metal ever made by positronic forging. It is so strong, it would
take forty days to cut through one inch with continual phasor torching.
"The inside of the planet has many corridors, elevator shafts, ventilator shafts, and information and technical
rooms. Much of the computer is made of living, organic, self-propagating matter. It was found that organic
matter can store more information and do problem solving in a smaller space than inorganic matter, and, more
importantly, since it has self-repair capabilities, it is virtually maintenance free.
"Only the Galaef and a few top computer engineers (chosen by the Galaef) have access to the inner workings
of Galactus, and no one can enter the inner planet without being accompanied by the Galaef.
"After the construction of Galactus VII, soil, rocks, and boulders were brought in from an uninhabited planet
and used to produce the outer covering which includes small mountain ranges, plains, tropical forests near the