The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

started filing out or bunching into small groups to talk.
"I need the members of the war council to meet with me here on the stage."
o o o o o
Everette sat in his chair at home next to the fire. The meeting of the war council hadn't lasted long. They
still didn't have a solution for the scent, however Everette did inform them that the rebels had a spy on the
inside, and they were hoping it wouldn't be long until they could use this man to penetrate the tower.
Ben looked into the eyes of the cat—sparkling green with a slight cast of yellow—the hypnotizing orbs of a
magnificent creature. They danced back and forth in observation of the shuttlecraft and the prisoners
disembarking. His penetration was keen and denoted a superior intelligence. His mouth was closed, and two
long fangs could be seen running vertically from the upper jaw down the sides of his lower mandible and
piercing the air three inches below. His fur was a dark golden color, but wherever the shadows played across it,
hues of reddish brown in the subdued light created an eerie three-dimensional projection of disproportionate
features. (Obviously Nature's way of frightening his enemy, as if he weren't already frightening enough). His
claws were at least three inches long in accordance with the size of his huge paws. And, as Ben thought back,
he realized that (with the exception of the long saber-toothed-like teeth) here was an Ancient-Earth mountain
lion, only three times bigger. From the ground to the top of his ears he stood six feet tall.
Ben stepped off the shuttlecraft ramp and onto the plastic spaceport landing area wondering if at any moment
someone was going to run up to him and yell, "Surprise," and then explain to him that the whole damn thing
was a joke. But he knew it wasn't going to happen. By some quirk of fate he had gotten pulled into a political
usurpation, which would probably result in his death. He felt quite lucky that it hadn’t already happened,
because he knew Hurd wanted it.
Off to the right and in front of him was a raised platform on which three men and the cat were standing.
They were a crew to wring angered mirth from Ben's mind. Two of them were stern looking, as if they were
born at the age of forty and had always had hard lines creasing their faces. It was like the people he had met
once in awhile whom he couldn't imagine as children. The other man, the one in the middle, was fat, not as
obese as a Monsorian farm pig, but fat nevertheless. He had jowls hanging from his face and a large stomach
bulging against his body suit. His chubby little hands were attached to his fat little arms, and sloping down
behind his waist protruded his fat butt. But in contrast to his fat torso and upper extremities were his two little
toothpick legs. How do they keep him from toppling over? Ben wondered.
"Put your toes on the white line and face the warden," commanded the guard who was standing in front of
them. He was pointing at a line painted on the landing area about ten yards from the shuttle. It ran parallel to
the platform on which the cast of fools were standing (or were the prisoners the cast of fools?).
Reluctantly, Ben moved forward and did as the guard had told them. From the corner of his eye he could see
the young attractive woman, who had sat across from him on the shuttle, stepping off the ramp and moving
toward the line. Her long brown hair hung behind her shoulders. Her large bosom projected firmly against her
white body suit. She was short in stature, but he could tell by her motions that she had class. How the hell did
she get here? he wondered.
Next to the young woman was another prisoner which Ben had taken note of—not because of his golden
colored skin, his coal black hair, nor his unusual facial features—Ben knew of several planets in the Federation
which had societies of people with these physical characteristics, and even though he had never seen them in
person, he had seen them on the viewer. Some of the top models came from these planets. No. It wasn’t
because of his looks, it was because of his aura of fierceness. Ben knew this man was a courageous warrior.
He was a man Ben would never want as an enemy.
Ben faced the front and noticed about a hundred yards to his left, parked on a raised landing area, there were
two G15 Federation destroyers sitting peacefully, reflecting weak rays from the sun. They must have brought
the Galaef in one of those, he thought, and I bet they won' t leave until they have taken care of him.
Standing there and looking around, Ben found himself thinking about the horrible stories the Newusians had