The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

"Now that everyone has signed the document unifying every clan of the Borgus Mountains we can . . . "
"Just a moment," said Clint, Chieftain of the Beaver Clan as he stood up. He spoke almost softly and those
near him had to strain to hear what he was saying, and those further away only heard a mumble.
Everette stopped speaking and looked at Clint. "Did you say something?" he asked.
"I said, ‘just a moment,’" said Clint a little louder. Clint had always spoken softly because he never found a
need to talk loud. He was only a few inches shorter than Everette and just as big in the arms, legs, and chest.
"It says here," and he pointed to the document, "that you're the temporary leader of this Unification Clan."
"That's right," said Everette.
"Well, you know what they say: ‘a leader without the honor of battle is a leader who might in cowardice
dabble.’ And I therefore challenge you to the Clan's creed of leadership by submission or death."
"But that's what we're trying to get away from," snorted Rayz as she stood up and glared at Clint. Everyone
knew Rayz preferred not to fight when possible, but they also knew that when she went into battle she
unleashed a fury that few could stand against.
"Nevertheless, it is the Clan's creed and it must be answered."
There were nods of agreement amongst the other Chieftains. "He has a right to challenge," said Penz,
Chieftain of the Roach Clan.
"That's true," said Everette, "but most of you have forgotten or perhaps have never known of the battle of the
Earth Chieftains of ancient times." He pulled a book off the shelf under the podium. "This book was handed
down to me by my father, and to him by his father, and so on for a hundred generations." He thrust the book
into the air for all to see, and then he slammed it down on the podium. "In this book it tells much of the history
of many of the countries of Ancient Earth and especially a country called the United States of America." He
flipped through the pages. "Here," he said as he picked up the book and pointed at a page. "This is where it tells
how they chose their Chiefs." He set the book down. "They used a different kind of fighting—a kind of
fighting where no one gets hurt, at least not physically, and it's called voting." It was going to be difficult to
convince the chieftains that this was the best way to settle disputes. They all knew that Newusa used voting to
elect their city councilmen, and look at the mess they were in. "Voting lets you choose the Chief you want
without having to kill anyone." Everette started speaking louder and his deep baritone voice rumbled through
the lodge. "You get to save your killing for the enemy. You get to save it for Hurd and his murderous police
The Chieftains, their wives, husbands, and the other spectators, jumped to their feet and started cheering and
stomping their feet. The vibration in the floor and walls was so great the ceiling lamps began to sway and
documents and various knickknacks began to fall off the shelves and onto the floor. Everette held up the book
and yelled, "Death to Hurd! Death to the murderer of children!"
The floor began to rumble and the walls shook violently and eventually the latch on the front door broke
away and the doors popped open. Mountain people rushed in to join the clamor until not another soul could fit.
And others outside pressed their faces to the windows.
Finally, the crowd quieted, and those with chairs sat down, all except Clint.
"Actually," said Everette "it's a lot easier to vote and less painful." The crowd was upbeat now and easy to
control. They started laughing raucously at Everette's last jest.
Rayz jumped up. "I nominate Everette for leader of the Unified Clan." She looked around at the other
Chieftains and raised her axe. "And that better be the end of the nominations."
The crowd started laughing and stomping their feet.
"I'm glad you realized she's just joking," said Everette. "Actually, we welcome more nominations." He
waited for at least a full minute, but no one said anything.
"In that case," said Rayz as she raised her hand. "I vote for Everette as leader of the Unified Clan."
On her last word, every hand in the lodge went up, including Clint's. And as the noise died down Clint
looked at his wife and said, "By God, that was easier." And again everyone started laughing.
"That's it," said Rayz. "You're the leader." And she sat down.
History had been made—a positive event, which would bring peace and unification between the Clans, but
now they had to deal with Hurd. "We need a council of war," said Everette. And the first person he appointed
was Rayz, followed by Clint, Tosk, and seven other Chieftains.
"And now I will call this meeting to an end, unless someone can think of something which can help us."
"Death to Hurd," yelled one of the Chieftain's wives.
"That's not much help," replied Everette, "but I'm sure we all agree." The mountain people got up and