The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

greed. Shortly after she had signed with Everette, Hurd started raiding their crystal transports on the Pike.
Hurd damn well denied it when confronted, but everyone knew it was his Secret Police under his orders. And
then three nights ago when he became bold enough to actually attack a clan in the mountains killing all the men,
and the children too, well, that was like the crystal that broke the mule’s back.
There were three hundred and four clans in the Borgus Mountains, and up until three nights ago Everette had
only been able to recruit seventy-six of them. It could be that this greedy blow by Hurd might be his own fatal
blow as every clan was now represented—some of the chieftains having had to travel hundreds of miles just to
get here.
It's an impressive sight, thought Rayz.
o o o o o
Everette, with Sven beside him, walked through the door. His huge frame lumbered down the aisle while
Sven hurried, his little legs churning—almost running, to keep up with the giant. Everette lifted the boy into his
arms as if he were a rag doll, then stepped up onto the stage and walked to the podium.
The Chieftains and the rest of the crowd started stomping their feet, causing a rumble like an earthquake
throughout the lodge, shaking the walls and alerting the mountain people outside that the meeting was about to
begin. They started clapping their hands and whistling to let those on the inside know that they were there to
support their get together. Everette smiled, but the look on his face portrayed amazement. These people really
do want peace, he thought. But it took a common enemy to overcome hundreds of years of traditional rivalry.
He set Sven on the floor and raised his hand to quiet the crowd, but they kept on stomping, clapping, and
whistling. It was like someone had finally brought them to that place in their minds where they could have
brotherhood and sisterhood with the other tribes of the mountains.
He raised his hand again, but the cheering became even louder.
"Kinsmen," he shouted out in a booming voice. "Kinsmen, let us begin the meeting."
But the raucous continued.
These people would certainly be out of place in an elegant Newusa nightclub, thought Everette. He looked
down at Sven and noticed he looked scared as if the raucous crowd would attack and kill them like the hooded
monsters in the forest. Everette walked over to the side of the stage, got a chair and brought it back. He set it
slightly behind and to the left of the podium, then he lifted Sven into the air and sat him in the chair. There was
a big smile on his Everette’s face, and he patted Sven on the head letting him know everything was all right.
Three nights ago Everette had been home lounging in his big chair in front of the fire when he heard a
tapping at the door. It was so slight that at first he thought it was the wind, but then it occurred again. He
lumbered to the door and opened it. There was little Sven shaking and cold, waving his phasor in his right
hand—his skinny little arm going back and forth. "I killed three of them," he whimpered. "I killed three of
At first, Everette was stunned and just stood there. Then he looked around to see if anybody was with the
"I killed three of them," he whimpered again and again.
Finally, Everette leaned over and picked the boy up holding him to his chest.
"I killed three of them," he said again.
"It's okay, boy. It's okay." He hugged him tighter to his chest. And then he felt the cold coming off his
bare, little arms. So, he took him over to the fire and called to his wife. "Robin, come quick and bring a cup of
warm mead."
"I killed three of them."
"It's okay, boy. It's okay. It's okay." He gently rubbed his head and started rocking him back and forth as if
he were a tiny baby.
Robin came into the room and seeing the boy in Everette's arms she hurried over to them. She held the cup
of mead toward the boy. "Here son you drink this." But he didn't see it.
"I killed three of them," he said.
"Oh, my," said Robin. She set the cup of mead on a table. "Here, let me have him." And she held out her
As Everette handed him to her she said, "He's freezing. Get him a blanket." She sat Sven in the chair next to
the fire and picked up the cup of mead. "Here, now you drink some of this." She held the cup to Sven's lips,