The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

The phasor fire stopped and the hooded men and women then started moving through the forest in a
circuitous direction toward the top of the pit. They needed to get a better angle on the men hiding behind the
boulders and the ridges.
Dorce, Sven's father, looked up and saw him standing motionless at the top of the pit. "Run Sven, run," he
His father's voice brought him out of his shock. And just as he started to turn he heard a twig snap behind
His hand fell to the phasor which was fitted snugly in its holster on his lower abdomen and angled sharply
down toward his left side. All the Mountain Men and women wore their phasors for fast and easy draw—a
design which had saved many lives over the years.
Just like we practiced, he thought. All those hours---just like we practiced. He remembered his dad telling
him that if it ever came time to shoot a man, when you look into his eyes just keep thinking, 'it's just another
His phasor was out in an instant as he whirled around. And as he pulled the trigger he thought, it's just
another target. The phasor bolt hit the hooded enemy full in the chest ripping his heart into two.
He stood staring at the man as blood poured from his chest onto the ground. "It's just another target," he said
out loud.
He turned and looked back into the pit. How could he run away and leave his father to the mercy of these
hooded monsters? The other clans were too far away to get help.
He hunkered down until he was in a hunched position and then quickly ran to a boulder about twenty yards
down the side of the pit. The boulder was small, but so was Sven and he hid behind it easily.
He heard a noise from further down. He peeked over the top of the boulder and saw a hooded man coming
toward him. The man's attention, however, was focused on the men in the pit. The man aimed his phasor at
one of the clansmen and started to pull the trigger, but Sven fired first. His bolt hit the man in the leg and he
went down cursing and yelling in pain and agony. Sven fired again, with true aim, and the man lie still.
More hooded monsters were in the woods coming up the side, firing in the pit at the few remaining miners.
Sven's father took a hit in the stomach and went down so violently his phasor went spinning several yards away
into the dirt.
There were only three miners still firing at the hooded enemy, but they were killed quickly in the cross fire
coming from both sides.
o o o o o
Sergeant Priskin stepped out from behind a tree, ran over to the edge of the open pit mine, and looked for
anyone who might still be alive. That was the last one, Captain." He looked around. "By the Gods of ancient
Earth, I can't believe how many men we lost.
The Captain stepped out from behind a tree deeper in the woods. Alright Sergeant, he yelled, get our
wounded and our dead to the pack train and take them down the mountain. The rest of you get to work packing
the crystals. He walked to the edge of the pit and took a phasor bolt full in the throat. One of the wounded
miners had feigned death and when the time was right he rolled on his side, aimed his phasor and took out the
leader. Red phasor bolts from all over the forest riddled the man in an instant.
The Sergeant looked down at the Captain. By the Zorstras curse, another one down.
Sergeant Priskin started making his way to the front of the pit as another Sergeant by the name of Basker and
the rest of the hooded men and women came out of the woods.
Basker walked over to the Priskin. "Looks like you’re in charge."
Priskin looked at him. "Yeah, I guess so." He paused, then said, "Well let's follow the Captain's last
"Right." Basker started barking orders while the Sergeant walked toward the back of the pit looking for
crystals. He knew better than to try to smuggle a crystal past Hurd, but it was still fun to hold all that money in
one's hands. He saw a spectacular splay of colors toward the back of the diggings. The crystal fractured the
sunlight into a myriad of colors throwing a colorful pattern upon the boulders nearby.
Priskin picked up his pace and made his way toward the crystal. He thought it must be plenty big judging by
the color spread.
Dorce was lying on his side with blood slowly oozing from his abdomen. As Priskin started to step over