The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

within the next day or two to do the planetary analysis. After all, we don't need to travel all that way if there's
nothing there.” He looked at Ben with an expression that asked, ‘Don’t you agree,’ but Ben only nodded his
head and remained silent, so, the Galaef dismissed him, saying, "Meanwhile, you'll be a guest at the Galactic
Headquarters. We'll keep you posted on the findings, and if you should have any questions, you may contact
"Now I must attend to other matters."
Realizing the interview was finished, Ben turned and left the room.
Ben exited the Federation Palace, walked down the steps, and out of the shadow being cast by the palace. He
sat down on the seat of an auto transport. He punched in the number of his guest suite, then touched the Robo
Conversation 'on' button. He sat back as the transport started slowly down the roadway and into a large park.
To his left was a smooth artificial path for pedestrians.
“Good morning Professor Hillar,” said the Robo Conversation in a slow and calm, feminine voice. "What
would you like to talk about today?"
"Well first, what's your name?"
"Oh, I'm sorry. My name is Augustawnoleeawnostiviach," replied the robo.
"Auga . . . what?"
"Augustawnoleeawnostiviach. I was named after one of my creators, but you can call me Augy for short."
"That's better," said Ben. "For a moment I thought I was going to be stuck with that tongue twister for the
rest of the conversation."
"I can tell you have a sense of humor," said Augy pleasantly.
The park and garden, through which Ben and the transport moved, was a large expanse of vegetation and
benign wildlife extending as far as Ben could see. Branches with flowers hanging down, loomed high above in
the copses of beautiful trees. They were densely populated in calculated locations throughout the park and
strategically placed so that the transport would travel under the flowered branches. In the open, sunny areas,
there were colorful flower gardens, vibrant with every color of the rainbow. They shimmered brightly bringing
forth a pleasurable sight, and they gave off a sensuous scent, bringing back pleasurable memories of the past.
And wherever the flowers and trees were missing, the ground was covered with an elegant blue-green grass.
Birds of various shapes, sizes, and colors flitted from tree to tree singing melodious songs.
Ben had been in parks and gardens on his home planet and on other planets, but he had never seen one this
exquisite. This was the best that money could buy.
He took in the beauty of the moment, then he purposely turned his head and body so he could look at the
Galaef's palace. It was made of a smooth, shimmering-black material on the outside, which formed the three
tall high-rise towers reaching higher than any of the other buildings in the Inner City or Outer City. Behind the
black material the walls of the palace were composed of norimuinatit, the strongest atomically forged metal in
existence, so strong that it could withstand the destructive forces of a sonic bomb. Also, hidden behind the
structure of the walls in strategic positions were rapid-fire laser guns, which could be moved out of their hidden
recesses in a moment for use against an enemy.
As Ben continued to look he was suddenly wondering about the security protecting the internal workings of
the computer planet. What would happen to an unauthorized person or persons if they were able to get inside?
Was there a way to stop them? If not, could they get to the control room to reprogram the computer to take
control of the Starfleet? And if not, how much damage could they do to the computer?
Ben turned to the front as the transport automatically came to a stop for a couple of pedestrians crossing the
roadway. They had just passed over a small bridge, which traversed a small stream flowing from a nearby
fountain. As they moved out of the way the transport started up and drove slowly through the park.
Ben thought the information regarding Galactus VII security was probably classified, but it might be that he
could get some information out of the auto transport. He decided to be subtle.
"Augy," said Ben, "Why don't you tell me about Galactus, starting with the park."
"I would be happy to, Professor Hillar.” Augy paused momentarily as she searched the computer banks.
"The park encompasses a little more than one thousand acres and completely encircles the Galaef's castle. It