The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

Ben shrugged. "If we were to locate the computer complex, then I would have expected no trouble in
gaining another grant for the excavation."
The Galaef stood up and walked over to Myra. He bent down and whispered something in her ear. She sat
calmly watching Ben as she nodded.
The Galaef straightened up and said, "Thank you Professor. You can wait in the antechamber."
And just like that, the audience was finished. So, Ben turned around and walked into the other room.
o o o o o
When making political decisions or taking action the Galaef was not one to hesitate. He knew he had to act
quickly, and he assumed no one, not even his personal secretary, knew his motive for taking an interest in
Professor Hillar’s project.
"Myra, considering the facts at hand, what conclusions can be drawn?"
In addition to her magnetic beauty, Myra had another quality, which was kept confidential and was known
only by herself, the Galaef, Thorne, and the confidential storage compartments of the Galactic computer.
Though her IQ, for a Galaef's secretary, was relatively low at one hundred and fifty three, she had an innate
ability of deducing through facial expressions, muscular movements, other habits, and word usage what a
person was thinking, what his motives were, whether he was sincere or not, and other personal thoughts.
According to computer tests she was accurate ninety-eight point four six percent of the time.
Myra calmly punched a button on the keyboard. "The computer reports a seventy-eight percent chance of
finding an ancient computer complex beneath the surface of Ar; and less than one percent, at ninety-eight one
hundredth, of finding a man; and less than one percent, at sixty-four one hundred billionth, of finding him alive
in suspended animation." She paused as she looked up from the computer read out. "With enough Zen I a
small computer, or a functional section, could operate nearly three thousand years."
The Galaef nodded, waiting for Myra to give her opinion on the project.
She continued after a short, thoughtful pause. "To undertake this expedition, in my opinion, could only meet
with success. I have come to this conclusion based on the computer readout and the fact that this Professor
Hillar radiates an aura of sustaining accomplishment." She slowly leaned back in her chair and waited for any
possible questions.
Thorne scowled and reddened slightly. "Sire, if I may," and then he continued without waiting for the
Galaef's permission. "So, the Professor will make a scientific discovery," He rose from his chair. "That's no
reason to personally supervise this expedition. There are more important matters of state to attend to than
running off searching for a myth."
Abruptly, the Galaef asked, "Myra, why is Thorne opposed to this project?"
Most of the time Myra could predict the Galaef’s next question, but the Galaef noticed, even though it was
very subtle, a shocked expression on her face. It disappeared very quickly.
She became composed and calmly replied that Thorne was uninterested in this type of scientific
advancement and that he would rather be involved in more important matters of state.
“That’s fine,” said the Galaef. “But I have taken a personal interest in this project because I see that it could
turn up some very important scientific discoveries." He paused, then said, "And I can make the time when I
will it." He waited a moment for further comment, but receiving none, he pushed a button. "Send in the
o o o o o
Ben stepped onto the El carpet.
"Come closer," said the Galaef. It appeared he wanted a better look at Ben’s face as he relayed some new
Ben moved closer and waited for the news.
"I have decided not only to finance your expedition, but also to personally oversee it. You will be given
credit for any discoveries that might be made."
Ben's outward appearance didn't change, but it occurred to him that the Galaef might be lying through his
teeth. Nevertheless, he thought, who gets the credit isn't important. What’s important is the discovery itself.
The Galaef continued. "The preliminary work need not be done by us. Instead, I will have a team organized