The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival HTML version

looked over her shoulder as she shone her light ahead looking into the depths of the tunnel. The light
disappeared into the blackness.
Dahms took a few steps and stopped, “My light is not enough to cover all the darkness.”
From top to bottom the cave was a mere seven feet, but the pattern of the light from the handbeams was
small in diameter. “Yeah,” said Ben. “You shine yours at the bottom, and I’ll shine mine at the ceiling.”
The combination of the two lights lit up the periphery of the tunnel, and they started forward again. The
light reflected off the black material of the cave in sparkles like the moon off black waters.
They walked slowly, their running shoes making no sound against the surface of the tunnel floor, and
whenever there was a phantom noise from ahead Dahms would stop and strain to listen while peering intently
into the blackness.
As they progressed further into the bowels of the small mountain the light from the entrance grew dimmer.
And the blackness crowded in behind them.
"Look!" yelled Rennie, pointing with his light.
Dahms, Ben, and Gaal turned and followed his beam with their eyes—expecting the worst, but a few feet in
front of Rennie, where Dahms, Ben, and Gaal had just walked, lay a shiny object on the floor of the cave,
glittering in the light.
“I already saw it,” said Dahms.
Rennie bent over and picked it up. "A Zen I crystal," he said. "Why, it's gotta be worth a fortune. And look.
There's more."
In the light ahead of Dahms the floor was strewn with shiny crystals. Most of them were small, but some
were the size of a man's fist. As the light hit them they glimmered throwing rainbow patterns on the walls and
ceiling and bringing an eerie colorful brightness to the dark tunnel. Their scintillating colors portrayed their
elemental combination as the real thing, Zen I.
"Leave it," said Dahms. "It's a trick."
"Can't be," whined Rennie. And then he said. "It's not a trick. Remember how they left the handbeams. We
needed them, and we'll need these later."
"It's a trick," repeated Dahms. "Hurd is luring you into a trap." She turned and started down the tunnel with
Ben and Gaal following.
"It's not a trick," laughed Rennie.
Ben could hear Sam as he stepped around Rennie, "You're a blithering idiot," he said. "You can't hold your
sword, the light, and the crystals all at the same time. Not unless you’re three handed."
Dahms slowed her pace. “Something, soon,” she said.
“Yeah,” agreed Ben. He could almost feel it in his bones.
As Rennie fell further behind, Sam caught up with Ben. "Let me in front," he said. "Without a light I can't
see the floor." Sam pushed his way past him.
Abruptly, and without warning, they walked into a large empty chamber. Dahms came to a halt so fast that
Sam nearly ran up her backside. He turned at the last split second and stepped beside her while grabbing her
shoulder to keep from tripping over more Zen I crystals.
Ben stepped to the other side and together their lights quickly circled the room, exploring the corners, the
ceiling, the walls, and the floor. The room appeared to be empty, but it was so wide it was difficult to see the
wall to the far left. The black rock sparkled in the light.
"Watch carefully," said Gaal. "There must be something in here.
Ben followed the circling lights exploring the interior of the room, but after a few minutes he concluded
there was nothing lurking in the darkness.
"Considering the size of this room," said Sam, "I would have to assume it was constructed for some sort of
"Yes," agreed Dahms, "but for some reason, it's no longer here."
Sam stated the obvious, "Maybe it's because we took the left hand path.”
Ben focused his light on the far wall. "That’s the way out," he said. The vague form in the distance
portrayed a door.
"Probably,” said Dahms, "but let’s not be hasty." She made one last sweep with her handbeam. "Okay,
move toward the door, and Gaal, you watch our backs." They proceeded cautiously into the room, swords
advanced, watching for anything untoward. Their feet made no sound on the smooth floor, as they walked
softly and slowly forward. No longer were there crystals strewn about.