The Adventures of Reddy Fox HTML version

"For shame, Reddy Fox!" said she. "What are you afraid of? Just don't look down
and you will be safe enough. Now come along over with me."
But Reddy Fox hung back and begged to go home and whimpered. Suddenly
Granny Fox sprang to her feet, as if in great fright. "Bowser the Hound! Come,
Reddy, come!" she cried, and started across the bridge as fast as she could go.
Reddy didn't stop to look or to think. His one idea was to get away from Bowser
the Hound. "Wait, Granny! Wait!" he cried, and started after her as fast as he
could run. He was in the middle of the bridge before he remembered it at all.
When he was at last safely across, it was to find old Granny Fox sitting down
laughing at him. Then for the first time Reddy looked behind him to see where
Bowser the Hound might be. He was nowhere to be seen. Could he have fallen
off the bridge?
"Where is Bowser the Hound?" cried Reddy.
"Home in Farmer Brown's dooryard," replied Granny Fox dryly. Reddy stared at
her for a minute. Then he began to understand that Granny Fox had simply
scared him into running across the bridge. Reddy felt very cheap, very cheap
indeed. "Now we'll run back again," said Granny Fox. And this time Reddy did.
II. Granny Shows Reddy a Trick
Every day Granny Fox led Reddy Fox over to the long railroad bridge and made
him run back and forth across it until he had no fear of it whatever. At first it had
made him dizzy, but now he could run across at the top of his speed and not
mind it in the least. "I don't see what good it does to be able to run across a
bridge; anyone can do that!" exclaimed Reddy one day.
Granny Fox smiled. "Do you remember the first time you tried to do it?" she