The Adventures of Pinocchio HTML version

Chapter 20
Freed from prison, Pinocchio sets out to return to the Fairy; but on the way he
meets a Serpent and later is caught in a trap
Fancy the happiness of Pinocchio on finding himself free! Without saying yes or
no, he fled from the city and set out on the road that was to take him back to the
house of the lovely Fairy.
It had rained for many days, and the road was so muddy that, at times, Pinocchio
sank down almost to his knees.
But he kept on bravely.
Tormented by the wish to see his father and his fairy sister with azure hair, he
raced like a greyhound. As he ran, he was splashed with mud even up to his cap.
"How unhappy I have been," he said to himself. "And yet I deserve everything, for
I am certainly very stubborn and stupid! I will always have my own way. I won't
listen to those who love me and who have more brains than I. But from now on,
I'll be different and I'll try to become a most obedient boy. I have found out,
beyond any doubt whatever, that disobedient boys are certainly far from happy,
and that, in the long run, they always lose out. I wonder if Father is waiting for
me. Will I find him at the Fairy's house? It is so long, poor man, since I have seen
him, and I do so want his love and his kisses. And will the Fairy ever forgive me
for all I have done? She who has been so good to me and to whom I owe my life!
Can there be a worse or more heartless boy than I am anywhere?"
As he spoke, he stopped suddenly, frozen with terror.